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Kindle: How To Fix Blog Subscriptions That Have Stopped Updating

Do you subscribe to any blogs on your Kindle (like, Whatsa Hen Way? or Aliens – They’re Headed Right For Us!)? Have any of them mysteriously stopped updating on your device? It’s probably because your frammelator has gotten all hung up in the glatchkram, but no matter, I’m here to help you get it going again. All you have to do is restart/reset/reboot your Kindle device.

(Editor’s Note: This is one of those semi-serious How To articles again)

How To Restart or Reset Your Kindle

  1. Take a deep breath. In with the good air. Out with the bad.
  2. If your Kindle is connected to a power source, disconnect it.
  3. If your Kindle is not on, turn it on.
  4. Press the HOME button on the right edge of the Kindle.
  5. From the Home screen, press the MENU button on the right edge of the Kindle. This will bring up a menu which should include an option called “Settings”.
  6. Select “Settings” from the Home Menu. This will bring up a screen entitled “Settings and Devices Information”.
  7. From the Settings page, press the MENU button again. This will bring up a menu that should include an option called “Restart”.
  8. Select “Restart” from the Setting Menu.
  9. Wait a couple of minutes for your Kindle to Restart, then give your Kindle another few minutes to update files, blog posts, etc.
  10. Bow to your partner. You’re done.

In my case, some NGIP Kindle subscribers noticed that their goats weren’t coming in any more and it was right about the time I switched from Blogger to WordPress. So let this be a lesson to you, you blogging platform switchers!

And if you got here by Googling “frammelator” and/or “glatchkram”, I commend you for your resourcefulness and hope this post was helpful.

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