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NGIP is about making you laugh. Andrews teases readers with addictively clever introductions to her blog posts about her everyday experiences and, sometimes, about goats.The Sacramento Bee

Nanny Goats in Panties was also voted Best Local Blogger, making KCRA 3’s A-List in 2011.

Nanny Goats in Panties is a humor column. At least it started out that way. Then people got it in their heads that goats should somehow be involved and began sending in pictures of their own goats. Or goats they saw on a hill and pulled their car over so they could take and send in a picture.

This blog is meant to be amusing. Funny, even. It is a humor blog. If the name didn’t make that obvious, you are in the wrong neighborhood and should probably leave because you won’t “get it” and will most likely incorrectly choose to be offended by something. And while I welcome disagreement in the comment section, I will not tolerate irrational, immature, purposeless and misspelled rudeness, which indicates that you are simply a troll looking for something to pee on and you can just get the hell out. I don’t want your kind here. On MY blog. And what are you doing with a computer, anyway?

You can send goat pictures for the weekly “Goat Thing of the Day” series by emailing me and you can submit any recipes you may have that calls for goat cheese, goat milk, or goat meat by using the Goat Recipe Submission Form.

This doesn’t apply to you because if you actually read my blog this isn’t an issue, but Submission Guidelines for nanny and au pair articles are here and if you really piss me off, here.

About the Author

marg smiley hdsht glasses 200wMy name is Margaret Andrews. I’m a freelance writer in Sacramento, California. I don’t know what that means, really: “freelance writer”. It’s like when you ask some guy at a party what he does and he says, “I’m a consultant.” It’s not really saying anything, is it? I used to be a software developer but I had to give up that glamorous career after twenty years to pursue my dreams.

Here’s the thing: I write a bunch of different stuff. I mean, there’s this blog where I write humor. I published a book called Sticky Readers: How to Attract a More Loyal Audience by Writing More Better (available in paperback and all ebook formats). I also author a blogging tutorial site called Sticky Readers.

Also? I co-founded a local blogging community called Sacramento Bloggers. If you’re a local blogger, check it out!

I’m also the co-Director/Producer for the Sacramento production of the Listen to Your Mother show.

I also run the occasional workshop or do the occasional presentation on writing or blogging.

If you really give a rat’s, you can see some of what I’ve published under My Published Work.

So what else do I do? I’m glad you asked.

I’ve maxed out my Netflix queue. I can’t keep up with my TBR (to be read) pile of books. My favorite authors include Christopher Moore, Daniel Handler, David Sedaris, and Steve Martin. I hate wasting time in a car driving, but get car sick if I’m not the one behind the wheel. I am married to Mr. MudPuppy, and wife swappers need not apply. I am not a mommyblogger (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

I eat, travel, exercise and sleep with my nano iPod. But not for the music. I listen to NPR. But not for the music. I hate straight-ahead jazz. I love Jason Mraz. I’m a poet (not really, it was just for that brief jazz/Mraz bit earlier).

I’m a non-conformist. Just like everybody else.

You can follow me on Twitter or Facebook. or LinkedIn or Pinterest or Google+. Or you can subscribe to NGIP via email. Or you can subscribe to NGIP on your Kindle.

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