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How Tos


Sticky Readers: How to Attract a Loyal Blog Audience by Writing More Better
(This is actually a published book that you can buy online. It’s educational as well as hopefully entertaining. Here’s the link to the Sticky Readers website)


Blogger to WordPress: How to Make the Switch) (or at least how I did)

Transferring Domains: How to switch from Google-supported enom to Bluehost

How To Use Redirect to Reclaim Lost Feed Subscribers After Switching to WordPress

How To Remove Sidebar For Specific Pages


How To Find the URL Link For a Specific Tweet   ( this link now goes to the updated version on my new tutorial site, Sticky Readers.)


How To Work with the Disqus Commenting System (so bloggers will reciprocate your comments)


How To Fix Your Kindle Blog Subscriptions (that may have stopped updating)

How To Do Other Things in Life

How To Do Coinstar (cash in your coins)

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