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Move Over Anne Leibovitz and Ansel Adams. China Shop Bull Coming Through.

I recently joined a local photography group here in Sacramento because they have regular outings and I’m really bored with nothing to do. And Facebook and Twitter and blogging and Words with Friends and book promoting and socializing and traveling and general housewifing just don’t keep me busy enough.

Pentax K-5 But seriously, I got a new camera last Christmas and I don’t know how to use it yet and I figured I should learn how before it becomes obsolete next week. It’s a DSLR and before all you camera geeks start blurting out your own favorite brand like you’re at some Supertramp concert screaming requests for your favorite song: “Nikon! Olympus!”, I’m going to tell you that I have a Pentax and don’t really care what you have. This blog is about me me me, remember?

You are, however, allowed to furiously mock me for having a Pentax because I’m susceptible to mocking and I’m very well aware that I’m the only one I know who has a Pentax and you militant types may as well start in on me now and reduce me to tears so that I’ll run to the nearest camera store and exchange mine for whatever YOU have.

So anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I followed a bunch of photographite strangers around town the other day, finally getting off all the AUTO settings, pretending to know what I was doing, and I would like to present my photo essay for you for now.

We walked around downtown, along the trying-very-hard-to-revitalize K Street Mall.

sacramento, k street mall, bad photography, overexposed photos

As you can see it was a very bright and sunny day. Perfect for pictures, really.

Of course, there was that moment where we had a brief solar eclipse.

sacramento, bad photography

We get them all the time here, actually.

You just wait them out, because the sun will come back again. See?

sacramento, crazy train, light rail, bad photography

My husband dubbed this one, “Goin’ off the rails on a crazy train”.


Someone along the way berated me for not having a filter or a anti-glare thingy and then absolutely did not hesitate to tell me I had a smudge on my lens, pointing loudly for all the world to see, the photographer’s proverbial toilet paper on the shoe.

That’s right… pointing loudly.

I was crushed. My fragile ego collapsed. I pouted. I cried.

A nearby homeless woman in a tattered olive green raincoat accompanied me with a tambourine as I sang a melancholy aria of crushing ennui and vowed to eat garden worms. I made 50 cents.

And then I stewed for a while.

And then I changed a few settings on my tragically unhip camera.

And I took a few more pictures.

crest theater, sacramento, k street mall

and trailed far behind the rest of the group to the Capitol building and took a few more pictures…

capitol, sacramento

and then I went home. Away from all those pompous jerks.

I’m going with them again in a couple of weeks for the Fall Color tour.

I can’t wait.

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  1. […] it will be held on Mother’s Day at the Crest Theater. Perhaps you longtime NGIP fans remember that day I went photogging downtown with a bunch of strangers where I caught this photo of the […]

  2. Superb pics.Thoroughly enjoyed the post. Eagerly anticipating what’s coming next.

  3. Thanks for this informative post.Keep it up.

  4. Oubliet says:

    There’s a Pentax users email list that has a lot of good information and support.
    They have photo shoot meets and are generally a good bunch of people.Here’s the archive.(I have a Pentax K-2000 and love it.   Don’t let the Nikon and Canon users get you down..)

    1.  Thanks, Oubliet! I swear I was the only Pentax person at the last photographers group outing I went to. It’s good to know I’m not alone. 🙂
      And thank you for the link!

  5. Joanna Jenkins says:

    That photography group would be way to intimidating for me to join… which is why I have a fancy camera that I will only use on “auto” settings.

    Good luck, jj  

  6. jennthorson says:

    Those last two ARE lovely! So vibrant!

    Me, I’m a point and shoot girl. Actually, my camera has been acting up. So now I am a “turn it on, batteries dead, change batteries, turn it on, batteries dead, put in new batteries, turn it on, batteries dead, point, scream, shoot the camera, camera is dead” sort of girl.

    1. Sounds like my kinda girl!

  7. Oh, well I see you are already have a blast with your new un-hip-soon-to-be-obsolete camera!

    And I only wish there was video footage of you rocking that tambourine with a homeless woman singing a melancholy aria of crushing ennui and vowing to eat garden worms.

    And, why aren’t WE playing WWF?

    1. OMG I don’t know!

      Let us do!

      1. My user name : meleahrebeccah [shocking]

        1. Mine is equally awe-inspiring: nannygoats.

          1. Ahahahhaha! Okay!

            Oh yay! I see you JUST sent me an invite! WOOT

        2. Actually, I think it’s set up now where I can find you by Facebook friend list.
          Ta da! Found you. 🙂

  8. Why, on earth did you get a Pent………… Only joking, but why did you anyway?  No! Don’t answer that.

    I can tell you that I often get solar eclipse and bright sunlight shots too

    1. My husband bought it for me after much research. That’s why. 🙂

      1. I told you not to answer that question 🙂 I’m not a camera snob really. I wouldn’t even sneer at a smear. My secret to photography is take 50 shots and one is bound to be passable. If not, delete the lot and pretend you didn’t take any.

        1. Oops. I missed the 2nd “don’t tell me”. Silly me.  And your approach is exactly the same as mine (or vice versa). I take 100 hoping I’ll get one good one.

          1. That’s why professional photographers use continuous shot when photographing models, so we’re in good company.

  9. Slommler says:

    Sounds like a perfectly delightful time….Ha!!  Smudge on your lens huh?  For shame!!
    Like that doesn’t happen to everyone….right?
    Love your pics!

  10. Nicky says:

    Do you know why the really complicated, not-on-auto-settings camera crossed the road? ‘Cause that’s where I threw it in frustrated rage!

    I like the first picture the best.

    1. I know. That first picture really rocks, right?

  11. Mommysmartini says:

    Yay for you! I really like the theater photo a lot (and I’m glad you figured out your settings). I hope you have a great time with the new camera!

  12. Jayne says:

    I’ve got a Sony Cybershot and if I have to do more than point-and-shoot, I’m screwed.  Kudos for venturing outside auto setting.

    1. I still carry my point and shoot with me all the time for those opportune potential blog shots. Like spilling my hot dog down the front of me or something equally frequent.

  13. The last 2 photos are fabulous! My Mommeh only uses the automatic setting on her DSLR camera.  Her excuse is it is too hard to hold the camera in one hand, a treat in the other hand, and wrangle me all at the same time. 

    1. I’m so glad I am not alone in the AUTO settings. And with you, Daisy, yes, having 4 arms would help.

  14. I suck with my camera. I just want to point and shoot and have a good photo. But then I am shooting moving goats who don’t really pose….such divas.

    I like the last shots.
    I am on vacation and can’t remember any of my passwords for signing into things like disqus

    1. Yes – I’m often just wanting the point and shoot thing myself. But sometimes I want to take a really cool photo. And someday I will. Like, the day before I die maybe.

  15. moooooog35 – we should totally start a “I’ve Been Kicked To The Curb By Margaret During Words With Friends” club.  She spanked me so hard I’m still having trouble sitting.

    1. Oh, you flatter me, Jan. I swear a lot of it is getting lucky letters.

  16. moooooog35 says:

    Really? Nothing to do? Because it seems like you’re making a pretty good career out of kicking my ass on Words with Friends. In my defense, though, there’s only so many opportunities I get to spell ‘aioli’ with the friggin letters I’m dealt.

    1. Oh, there are plenty of times where I’m the ass kickee, my friend. Why just yesterday I had AIIIIUU in my letter tray. Have you ever noticed when you try to swap letters you often get more of the same? It’s a conspiracy.