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Revealed: Trump’s Golden Build-a-Wall Make-America-Great Program

A personal note from the Phenomenal Desk of Donald J. Trump directly to you…

Bridge Tolls: Confessions of a Violator and Evader

Here’s what happens when you skip out on paying a bridge toll.

Dreamland. Utopia. One of Them Is on Now on Netflix.

A ridiculous interview with Tom Gleisner, award winning writer/producer of Dreamland, an Australian TV comedy series that used to be called Utopia. Oh! And goats.

Formula One is for Girls, too!

Have you ever fancied yourself a race car driver? You must have, because I see you weaving in and out of lanes on the freeway, cutting me off, stealing my right-of-way at intersections, doing doughnuts in the Krispy Kreme parking lot…. That’s not you? Don’t you drive a beat-up, brown Dodge with a “Real Men […]

Not a Movie Review of Mad Max: Fury Road. Also? Flying Cats

Hello and welcome to Mashup Meme Monday where I make it sound like I’ve been doing this meme forever when in fact it’s the first and probably the last time ever. I saw the nonstop roller coaster, guns and post-apocalyptic car chases, Fast-and-Furious-on-steroids event that is the new Mad Max: Fury Road. My one sentence […]

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