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Where Can I Git Me Some Free Birthday Food at Restaurants?

free birthday food, free birthday meals, birthday freebies, free meals for birthdayMy cheap-ass dad frugal father and I share the same birthday in July, and we used to hit Denny’s 2 or 3 times on that day because you could squeeze breakfast, lunch AND dinner out of them if you sort of “Denny-hopped”. But then they took that away (or is it back now?) and I probably shouldn’t be Morgan Spurlocking it at Denny’s on my birthday, but we still want to do the free birthday spree.

Free Birthday Food List

So, I want to produce a Free Food On Your Birthday reference list. Not just for me, but for the whole world to share. But mostly for me.

It will be a list of restaurants that give you free food. On your birthday. And I want your help. I’m going to start a list and just keep it right here for our reference and I want you to help me add to it by telling me what you know in the comment section. Once verified (which primarily consists of me taking your word for it, especially if someone else mentions it as well) it will be added to the list.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

The Free Food on your Birthday List

(in alphabetical order by restaurant name)

The list so far…

Benihana – $30 gift certificate if you sign up for the Chef’s Table. (can be used anytime during your birthday month)

Cave and Mine Adventures  – Part of the Sierra Nevada Recreation Corporation. This is less of a food item and more of an activity. Choose from a list of several activities, such a zip line tour or cave or mine tour. No sign-up required. Here’s a list of different free birthday activites.

Chili’s – Sign up for Chili’s email program and you can have a free brownie sundae with the purchase of an entree.

Free Birthday ice creamColdstone Creamery – Not outright free, but if you sign up for their My Coldstone Club, they will email you a coupon for Buy 1 Get 1 Free.

Free Birthday Meal at IHOP, Pancake RevolutionIHOP – Get a free meal on your birthday by joining the Pancake Revolution. Pancakes to the people! May I recommend the Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘n’ Frooty?

free birthday food johns incredible pizzaJohn’s Incredible Pizza – John’s Incredible Pizza does a birthday deal–free buffet and drink (and maybe even credits on your VIP card so you can play games and ride their cool rides). Here’s the link to their email club.


Papa Murphy’s – Free cookie dough on your birthday if you sign up for their eClub.

free birthday food red robinRed Robin – Join their email club and you get a free burger for your birthday.


free birthday food at tahoe joe'sTahoe Joe’s – Become a “Friend of Joe” by joining Tahoe Joe’s Famous Steakhouse eClub, and they will send you a “gift” on your birthday. If anyone knows what this mysterious “gift” is, do tell and I’ll blow the surprise here for every one else.You also get a free appetizer just for signing up.

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  1. I don’t know about Birthdays but if you wear your cap and gown from graduation Chipotle will give your a free burrito. My son wore his cap and gown for a week and went to every Chipotle in the metro area. His sister even donned her cap and gown from graduation from pre kindergarten and got a couple. 

  2. Sheila says:

    Hooters will give you a free gift on your birthday, but that kind of scares me.

    You’re supposed to hit up your family and friends for free meals on your b-day.  Start sending out subtle tweets a couple days ahead – maybe you’ll get lucky.

    1. Hooters would give me a free gift on my birthday?  You mean in addition to the gift of having scantily clad servers bring me chicken wings and mozzarella sticks?  Sounds almost too good to be true.

  3. Bobbi says:

    Oooh, I love me some Ihop and my birthday is in a month so I’m going there!

  4. Julie E. says:

    Did anyone say Red Robin yet?  I think that’s my favorite! 

  5. Jayne says:

    “Free” and “Food.”   My favorite word combination.  

  6. Cuzzin Laura says:

    Ok, since I am a dork and can’t figure out how to post on your blog,
    here it is.  Colleen and I added ourselves to quite a few lists for our
    own birthdays.


    Chevy’s, a free entree of any price on your birthday.  This is the bestest one!


    Red Robin, free burger on your birthday.  This is good two since the burgers are pricey.


    IHOP, a free something on your birthday


    Black Angus used to give you a free steak, but there is only one left, is it on Greenback maybe, take a look at their site


    Ok, that is all I got.  Colleen found more so she can mail you.  Good luck on the free foods!

  7. Oh snap… when is your birthday this month??

    1. July 16th. Is yours in July too? Did we already talk about this.

      1. I’m in October. So…now, we have NOT discussed this!

        *notes Margaret’s BDAY on personal calendar. *

  8. Melanie Andrews says:

    Found another one for the outdoor people:

    I won’t be able to do these on my birthday as required; but maybe some others will.

    1. That reminds me, I suppose I should add the one about getting a free stein at the Heineken brewery in Amsterdam.

  9. joanna jenkins says:

    I’m huge Morgan Spurlock fa– ever since his “Super Size Me” days 🙂

    I haven’t been to a Benihana’s in years but now I’m tempted….

    Thanks for the tip.  xo jj

    1. I can’t get over that they give $30 of food.

  10. Slommler says:

    Very cool!!  My birthday just past…I could have used this list!!  Ha!! 
    If you sign up for Chili’s email program you get a free brownie sundae on your birthday!!  Woot!!

    1. Mmmmm, brownie sundae…
      I’m on it!
      Thanks, SueAnn!

  11. Yay! Just in time. My B-day is September 29, so I’ll round up all the free stuff. Keep the list growing!

    1. I’m hoping to turn this into a real reference list for the web for people to come back to. And Happy really early birthday!

  12. Happy Birthday Honey.  I went to Pican in Oakland last year and the owner Michael sent over a bottle of French Champagne when he found out it was my birthday.  He’s a delight!

    1. Thanks, Linda!

      (Note to self: go to Pican in Oakland and let it be known that it’s my special day.)

  13. Mind of a Madman says:

    This is genius… seriously! I have been wanting to know this forever. I think you can add Jeffrey Dahmers Homestyle BBQ Hut as free on your birthday…. though the reviews are very very mixed!

    1. Yikes!

      There’s just the one location, though, right?  😉

  14. Pricilla says:

    I don’t know when my birthday is…::sniff::
    But most places don’t allow goats anyway.

    The publicist says if you come visit the two of you could celebrate being old together and she would give you free food. And you could pet ME!

    1. See? Now there’s just yet one more thing this world should be providing. Free birthday meals for goats. With the growing popularity of your kind, it’s just a matter of time, Pricilla. How’s this? The International House of Hay.

  15. Linzar22 says:

    mr. perrys or original perry’s 8.00 off. used to be in the month of bday now on ur bday.

    1. Original/Mr. Perry’s?  I haven’t been there in ….. well, at least a year. But there were extenuating circumstances. Before that, I don’t think I’d been there since high school!

  16. John’s Incredible Pizza does a birthday deal–free buffet and drink (and maybe even credits on your VIP card so you can play games and ride their cool rides).

    1. John’s Incredible Pizza? Cool rides? Where is this magical sounding place?

      1. Drew says:

        Big arcade and a few children’s rides including a roller coaster. The closest to Sacramento is the one in Roseville near N. Sunrise and Eureka Rd.  Here’s their locations:

  17. MsChick74 says:

    Also, BJ’s, Tahoe Joes, & Red Robin offer a little something for your birthday.

  18. Teri C says:

    If you join the club on Coldstone online you get a free ice cream. 

    1. Ice cream! Yummy! Sign me up for that too!

    2. Ice cream! Yummy! Sign me up for that too!

  19. MsChick74 says:

    IHOP! You get a free Rooty Tooty Fresh n Fruity (or other meal of equal value) if you sign up for their email club thingy.

    1. a free Rooty Tooty Fresh n Fruity????? Sign me up!

  20. Leslie says:

    It’s not 100 % free but if you join Qdobas club, you can get buy one get one free. Seeing how those burritos are like 8 bucks a pop, thats not a bad deal

    1. Is this just on your birthday? Or do they offer this deal all the time? And yeah, an 8 buck burrito sounds like a monster!

      1. Leslie says:

        I got the certificate on my birthday. 

  21. Melanie Andrews says:

    I’ll go 2nd since my b-day happens to be in the same month.
    chef’s club gives a $30 gift certificate in your birthday month, but not necessarily on your birthday. I signed up for it just now and the Papa Murphy one, too. 

    1. I already signed up for the Papa Murphy one, too, and now I’m going to check out the Benihana one. $30 is a lot!

  22. Drew says:

    OK, I’ll start.  If you join Papa Murphy’s eclub, they send you a coupon via email good for free cookie dough good during the month of your birthday.

    1. I actually stumbled on that one earlier too. But I already started this, so maybe I can make my list more user friendly, if it exceeds a count of 10 restaurants anyway. If I pull out my own cobwebbed programming skillz, maybe I can make it a slick little index. With filters and sorting and such. Or take it international or something. 🙂

  23. Drew says:

    OK, I’ll start.  If you join Papa Murphy’s eclub, they send you a coupon via email good for free cookie dough good during the month of your birthday.

    1. Wow! That’s awesome. Way to kick it off!