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A Humorous Take on Bullying

Yes, I am perfectly aware of the fact that my blogging has fallen off lately, thank you SO MUCH for mentioning it. The problem is, I’ve gotten my mitts into many other projects that are eating up my life, not the least of which was co-producing, co-directing, and performing in the Sacramento Listen to Your […]

Choosing Baby Names for Asphalt

Call me a small stuff sweater. Because I can totally sweat the small stuff when I am of the mind. Take street names, for example. Here in Sacramento, after it ran out of letters to name the streets in this town, and before it got so suburb-happy, somebody came along and named a bunch of […]

Farm to Fork Capital, That’s Us

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably hanging upside-down from an oak tree branch in your neighbor’s backyard yelling things like “Yes!” and “No!” when he asks you things like, “How about now?” and “What about now?” because you’re a good neighbor like that and thank Heavens you decided to DVR Extreme Leaf Blowers because […]

Sacramento Official Song by Middle of The Road

Actually, Sacramento has an official song……it just doesn’t know it yet. But it will. If I have anything to say about it. My resident music encyclopedia (aka “Ron”), introduced it to me as part of an email conversation amongst our friends. It’s a pop tune from 1972 called “Sacramento (A Wonderful Town)” by Middle of […]

Listen to Your Mother, Sacramento

You’ve probably been losing sleep wondering when I was going to write you again, but never fear, a blogger’s ego never lets her go too long without screaming for the attention it so richly deserves. The truth is, I’ve been kind of busy. With what, you ask? I’m so glad you asked. Because I just […]

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