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I Voted: A Polling Station Review

When was the last time you really hunkered down and dug into a juicy squirrel pot pie? You know, the ones you get at the Parks & Rec Snack Shop where they are really fresh. Like, baked that very morning, off-the-tree fresh? With that lightly toasted Kings Hawaiian bun and cranberry mayonnaise? Makes your mouth […]

Kevin McCarty: Why I’m Not Writing a Blog Post about Him

You would think after all these years, I’d recognize a blog post when it was standing on my front porch, engaging me in conversation, commenting on my Megadeath T-Shirt. It was a moment virtually begging to be photographed so you could all be properly entertained. But no. I blew it. And for that I apologize. […]

Are You Better Off Than You Were a Year Ago?

My opponents would have you believe that we need a change, that we need to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY.

How to Talk Like Herman Cain at a Press Conference

Did you know that Herman Cain went to the Donald Rumsfeld School of Press Conference Media Management? It’s a very exclusive training program; very few are accepted.

Entire World Files Chapters 1-99 Bankruptcy

What will happen as a result of the Earth’s decision to file worldwide bankruptcy? It depends on whose side of the pond you live, experts say.

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