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A Cheesy Perspective

What did the grateful basket of crackers say to the cheese ball when it was placed nearby on the Super Bowl party buffet table? “It was gouda you to come.” Photo by Dominik Hundhammer Yes I just made up that steaming pile of brilliance all by myself. I have this insane blogger friend, Nicky, over […]

Justin Bieber Mugshot Remind You of Anyone?

No? It’s just me then? (Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and the Miami Beach Police Department)

Bear Claws. And Other Up-the-Wrong Tree Barkings.

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution only to fulfill it on January 1 and have nothing left to worry about the rest of the year? Yeah, me neither. So anyway, I saw a sign the other day while traipsing through the wilderness. In other words, it’s okay for the bears to vandalize the […]

The Princess and the Cookie Jar: A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time (like the 1990s) in a land far far away (Texas) there lived a beautiful little princess named Megan. When she was born, her parents (the King and Queen of the far far away land called Texas) bought her an ugly cookie jar and placed it in her nursery where Megan had […]

Do Re Mimi’s Cafe

Because I am sooooo alliterate. But enough about you, let’s talk about me. Whenever my family tries to arrange a plan to meet for something that celebrates my father (i.e. his birthday, Father’s Day, the anniversary of that time he shot down an enemy aircraft and saved countless lives including the President only to find […]

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