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How to Make Jello Instant Pudding With Goat Milk

You can’t.

Goat Thing of the Day: Dog Hugging a Goat

I’m assuming you’ve seen this already? It’s been copied and pasted so many times, I can’t figure out who the original photographer was. Never mind how many times it was posted to my Facebook wall. — UPDATE!  Avid reader Cheryl’s acute Google Image search skills tracked down the  photographer for this image who deserve major […]

This Year’s Christmas Card: The Yule Kids

If I were sending out Christmas cards this year (and I’m not, so don’t hold your breath), this is the picture I would slap on the front… sent in by Tammy of Happenings on the Hill And now…. a Christmas Carol: Deck the halls with boys and nannies, Baa-baa-baa-baa-baa, baa-baa-baa-baa. Throw on makeshift hats from […]

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

Why yes, it was a little windy here the other day. Why do you ask? On the side of our house In front of our house My husband walked outside during the storm and I watched one of those tree branches spear down and try to impale him, missing by maybe three feet. Unfortunately, the […]

Goat Thing of the Day: Amish Mowing Machine

Sharon of Sweet Repose captured this picture of an Amish Mowing Machine (or an Amish Fertilizing machine – your choice).   Via Rita from Cash Jockey and the “Old Salt”

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