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Goatalympics 2013 (Goat Thing of the Day)

No I’m not kidding. There are actual Goatalympics, sponsored by New Moon Farm Goat Rescue & Sanctuary (who we’ve featured in the past) up in Washington state.

It’s been awhile since we had a goat thing and recently, one of our dearest NGIP fans sent these photos of the event in to us and we are dying to show them to you! (Thanks, Warren!)

According to the site, this is isn’t your ordinary county fair goat thing, and I quote…

The Goatalympics is not your typical livestock event!  Rather than focus on conformation and production, as seen at a typical County Fair, the Goatalympics is all about having fun with pet goats.  It’s a chance for people to show off their ruminants’ skills, with events ranging from obstacle courses and races to costume and stall decorating contests.

Enjoy! (Man, I hate it when people say “enjoy”, don’t you?)

goat cheerleader, goatalympics, new moon farm

Did you ever have this saying in high school?

I am a cheerleader.

I love to cheer.




And you say it just like that. lowercase. with periods. Like you’re all bored and everything. An ironic cheerleader, if you will.


Just me?

Okay. Carry on.


goatalympics, pink goat


See how that pink goat’s tail is up? All goats tails are up. This is one of the ways you are supposed to be able to tell a goat from a sheep. And yet, after all these years I still can’t tell the difference and for those of you who saw my St. Martin vacation video or my Animals of St. Martin post, I stupidly identified sheep as goats, but had I looked at their butts for one second, I would not have made that mistake. But enough about me, let’s keep showing goat pictures. Real goat pictures.

goatalympics, goat closeup

I’m sorry to interrupt again, but this will be the last time. I just wanted to point out that one way to ensure that you are taking pictures of goats instead of sheep is to take photos of whatever animal they have at the Goatalympics because odds are, they will be goats and not sheep. Also? just use the photos from the fans who send them in and who seem to know better the difference between the two because obviously I don’t.


goatalympics, baby goat


goatalympics, baby goat


goatalympics, baby goat


goatalympics, baby goat



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  1. I couldn’t distinguish between a sheep and a goat to save my life!

  2. The cheerleading goat is a hoot– and that’s coming from a former high school cheerleader who’s happy the goat wasn’t wearing MY school colors 🙂

    County Fairs are the best. My family is neck deep in dust getting ready for their Fair with their horses and pigs. I gotta tell them to get a goat next year!

    xo jj

  3. Dusty says:

    Margaret, These are great pics, the red cheer leader looks awesome. Well this is very good point to check the tails to distinguish between sheep and goat. Also thanks for sharing the pics

  4. Agent 54 says:

    I saw the statue of the “Diamond in a Goat’s ass” that nobody anything knew about.

    I know what that is all about.

    As a Marine Recruit the Drill Instructors would have us clean and polish equipment and even the head (bathroom). The DI would always yell “I want you to make this shine like a Diamond in a Goat’s ass!”.

    I want you to now go forth and tell all your goat friends that they have the United States Marine Corps to thank for that statue. Go now, on the double!

  5. I have the same problem differentiating. Especially if the wooly lambs aren’t so wooly. These are adorable. I love the goat in the cheer leading outfit.

  6. Mulled Vine says:

    My kid brother told me this joke about his dyslexic friend Anne Gora who brought who a pet goat to a toga party.

    I’ll get my goat.

  7. Mulled Vine says:

    Here are some funny goat pictures for you.

    You may not find them funny – it depends on what floats your goat. You might just find them meh-eh-eh.

    I have to hoof it now before it gets too cheesy and you get Feta up.

  8. I personally think goats are the best but then again, I would.
    I won a Gold Medal in basking.
    I am an expert basker.

    1. Agent 54 says:

      I don’t think I’ve been basked.

      Do you think you could bask me sometime? How much will that cost?

      Did you go to school for Basking? I heard some sharks are baskers. Is that true?