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My Fraction of Fifteen Minutes

What I want to know is, do you still play with your food, like I do?

spaghetti, playing with your food

OK, that’s not really why I called you here today.

Remember in my last post how I told you I was producing a show called Listen to Your Mother?

So, the other day, my co-producer (Nichole) texted me to say we were going to be on one of the local morning TV shows to promote LTYM and after all-capping back to her: “OMG, WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR NOTHING FITS OMG OMG OMG”, I decided to enter a second level of panic because frankly, I do not get up early in the morning. Ever. That means setting four alarms to make sure I can get up three hours earlier than usual.

And then I freak out on a third level because, well, you’re supposed to wear makeup when you go on television and I’ve never worn makeup and I don’t know how to use it and do they have makeup people at the TV station or are you supposed to know how to do all that yourself?

Did I mention that I’d never been on TV before and this was going to be live? Eeek!

I don’t know whether to blame my mother or thank her, but she forbade me to wear make-up in junior high school. So by the time I got to high school I had already acquired friends with similar unmade faces and through laziness or ignorance never got into the habit of it.

I never read all the magazines that instructed you on how to paint yourself like a whore, so thirty years later, when I actually NEEDED to paint myself like a whore, I was in a pickle.

I have a friend who has worn makeup since the age of three and knows her way around a powder counter, so I immediately sent a text message to her that went along these lines:




The next thing I know, we are at the mall, entering a store called Bare Minerals where I am strapped down to a chair, screaming bloody murder as other customers shake their heads in pity.

bare mineralsThe porcelain-faced women in white lab coats assault my face with any manner of weapons and teach me how to assault myself as I beg for mercy because they are telling me too many things. Primer? Really? There’s primer involved? Isn’t that for painting cars?

There are too many steps and do you have a pen because I need to write this down. Is there a video?

And why aren’t all the brushes labeled for each different powder and bronzer and… mineral veil? It’s really called mineral veil?

And they laugh at me and take my credit card and give me a starter kit that is usually reserved for twelve-year-olds.

bare minerals, starter kit

makeup, lancomeThe next phase requires a visit to the Lancome counter where more lab coats and more face-assaulting occurs and my friend disappears with these women as they confer at the eye shadow drawers and whisper amongst the lip liners to decide the fate of my entire face. I am a toy to them — a blank canvas on which to explore and frolic with colors and brushes.

Four hundred dollars later I walk out of the mall with my friend, heavily laden with an arsenal of little boxes and powders and creams and pencils. And many layers of experimental projects covering my countenance.

I spend the next six days practicing this routine and timing myself to figure out how much earlier I have to get up that fateful day. I can’t believe some of you go through this every day of your life – how do you people do it? How do you afford it?

lancome, makeup, bare minerals

This is what 400 smackers will get you.

Meanwhile, I’m also worrying about how I’m going to get to see the segment of myself on television. We don’t have a DVR.

I know!

Who doesn’t have a DVR?

We don’t. That’s who. So my husband ordered a DVR. People have been hounding us forever to get one and can’t believe we don’t already have one and blah blah blah shut up already we ordered one, okay?

The fateful morning came and I didn’t poke my eye out or anything while getting ready and I met Nichole at the KCRA 3 station and we waited in the green room, having no idea how this thing worked and by the way, no, they do NOT have makeup people just sitting around waiting to help you not be shiny on TV.

Someone came in and called us in that “The doctor will see you now” way and led us into the studio where the anchors were talking into a camera and did you know they don’t have cameramen, just a bunch of robotic machines that come right up to you and put you on TV? Did I mention this was LIVE?

Deirdre Fitzpatrick came away from the anchor desk as robots whirred and aimed at the weatherman and the traffic girl giving their reports. She sat down with us for a couple of minutes, explained how the segment would go, making us feel a little more comfortable. And then BLAM! we were on. And then BLAM! we were off. One of the crew took a picture of us on Deirdre’s cell and we were on our way.

kcra deirdre nichole me

KCRA’s Deirdre FItzpatrick, Nichole, and yours truly.

While the segment itself lasted five minutes, you see my face for maybe one of them. One minute.

Four hundred dollars for one minute.

And the DVR my husband ordered?

Arrived 3 hours AFTER the segment aired.

And they say makeup expires so now I have to find excuses to wear it because I am not paying four hundred dollars for one minute.

So I’ve decided to start a television show and star in it until all my makeup is gone. Yeah, The Nanny Goats Hunters Extreme Makeover. A reality show about the paranormal encounters of plucky backwoods goats seeking fame as runway underwear models and the dramatic challenges they face when the back-stabbing ancient alien judges undermine their efforts. I’ll be host Ryan Seacrest’s hilarious sidekick.


Link to my big television debut.

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  1. rcuplg says:

    hi! im interesting in advertising on your portal. please write me rcuplg @ gmail. com

  2. Lisa says:

    This would totally be my exact experience if I were to ever appear on TV. Except I would probably just call a friend the morning of and ask them if they could do my makeup because I can’t be bothered to learn all that crap. I mean, who wants to get up extra early to paint themselves like a whore?! That’s valuable sleeping time! Except for whores, of course. That’s like their job…and stuff.

  3. Babs says:

    I just know you will forget me on your way up to your own TV reality show!

    I used to wear eye makeup, but never face makeup. I even stopped wearing the eye makeup some time in my thirties and I have no idea why. I really couldn’t be doing with all that faffing about every day with blushers and creams and powders or whatever it is they wear, to say nothing of the cost of it all. $400?!!!

  4. High Five Margaret!!! You did great and you look marvelous, darling! Can I have your autograph?
    xo jj

  5. Nicky says:

    Ok, I understand that you’re world-famous now and super busy painting your face like a whore and posing for the paparazzi and giving interviews and producing theatre and reality television shows and generally being fabulous but I just wanted to point out that TOMORROW’s prompt is 15 minutes. Sigh.

    Congratulations, Mags. You really are fabulous.

    1. Margaret says:

      Oh, for the love of ….
      This is too much. And I am so buried right now, I can’t even answer my own blog comments. Grrr!!!!

  6. You look fabulous and both of you gals were naturals on TV!

  7. Susan Cooper says:

    I don’t wear make up either and haven’t for along time. I’m highly allergic to most all products out there so it does make putting it on problematic. I don’t think people would want to see the resulting puffer fish face if I did… LOL

  8. I could do the full makeup easy, but the getting up for the early morning call? Nope.

  9. Ben Swilley says:

    I love war paint on a woman. Not too much though! I love perfume. I still recall the smell of “White Shoulders” over fifty years after I first caught a dainty whiff of it so delicately applied between the wondrous gifts God had bestowed on the chest of my lovely little date.

    Make up and war paint on a goat would certainly be more appropriate than lipstick on a pig. Goats have much more class than other farm animals.

    I thought everybody played with their food. I’m going to make (ask) my wife to read this. It will make me feel so much better when I arrange all my cracked potato chips in one little stack and eat them before I start on the whole chips that I have in another stack.

  10. Indigo Roth says:

    Hey Margaret! I loved watching it (I actually saw it the same day), but what were they THINKING?! More Margaret was needed! WAY more! Good grief, don’t they KNOW who you ARE?! Indigo x

  11. SueAnn says:

    You look fabulous!!

  12. You are a famous TV star! I know a famous TV star! I am so excited.
    Maybe I will maaaaa my story. Are you taking goats?

  13. Ann says:

    Why do I feel like I owe you hundreds of dollars?


    Sure the segment kicked ass, but you crossed over into the cosmetics dimension!

  14. I’m so proud of you! And you looked fabulous. Your skin looked especially yummy. But $400?! Were you drunk? Sell it on ebay! 😉

  15. Terra says:

    Oh you are too funny! I would be no help atall to you re makeup, though I do wear lipstick. I think your goats show could be BIG.

  16. Cheryl P. says:

    Margaret…you are a TV star!!!!

    I think you looked great on camera.

    As for the wearing makeup vs not. I admire and respect you girls that look good and don’t need the validation of makeup. I personally am like Linda M. Not only do I love makeup, I love buying makeup and hope that those little bottles that claim to roll back time are not making promises that they aren’t prepared to keep.

  17. Silly, it takes me a full 15 minutes per day to put on make up. (I can do it in 10 minutes, but then I have a slutty look which is sometimes fine and sometimes not if you get my drift and I know that you do.) I spent $1500 at the Dior cosmetics counter when I was there with a girlfriend. She and I bought all the miracles that Christian Dior could think of to take 50 years off our appearance. Low and behold, two days later my husband got arrested for kissing me on the street because the cop thought he was seducing a minor.

  18. PS: I totally assaulted the internet:Facebook, Twitter & Google + with this post and the YouTube video. XOXOXOX

    1. Margaret says:

      I saw that! Wow! Thank you, Mel-Mel! You’re so sweet and generous! XOXOXOXOXO

      1. You’re very welcome!!

  19. I cannot stop laughing.

    Also, I don’t wear makeup either, so I totally feel your pain. I have NO IDEA how women do that every day, much less afford it!

    I don’t have a DVR either. And I’m a self-proclaimed TV Junkie. But I would totally BUY a DVR just so I could record the reality show “The Nanny Goats Hunters Extreme Makeover.”

    You did an AWESOME job, Margaret!!

    1. Margaret says:

      Thank you, my cyber spouse. And I’m surprised you don’t have a DVR either. And I, of all people, should have had one long ago. I avoid broadcast TV because of the commercials and a DVR would have solved that long ago. On the other hand if you got a DVR, how would you do your live social media commentating on The Bachelor?