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National Blogging Day of Remembrance for Sandy Hook Elementary School


If you would like to donate to Sandy Hook School Support Fund, please visit their United Way page.


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  1. Ben Swilley says:

    Thank you Margaret.

  2. Bryan Logie says:

    My Cybershaman persona’s motto has always been “The sun always shines in cyberspace…” but then this happened and I wasn’t entirely sure that was true anymore… But now I see where the light truly comes from. It’s from all of us who’s light shines all the brighter for those who’s light has been extinguished. Especially those who’s own light barely had a chance to reach the nearest star… 🙁

  3. The publicist had obligations for this day and my blog is happy and light so I kept it that way.

    The publicist wrote a post on Saturday about how she could not understand how someone could look into the face of a child and pull the trigger. She still can’t look at the news without crying.