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SCBWI: How to Make an Entire Conference About One Person

Did you have a good weekend? Oh good, okay we’re done talking about you, let’s talk about me.

I did a little presentation at a conference in Rocklin, CA, on Saturday for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, or SCBWI, pronounced “scubb wee” among the dark seedy underbelly of children’s book writers. It was held at the City of Rocklin Event Center, formerly known as the Sunset Center.

scbwi, city of rocklin event center, sunset center

Thank GAWD they didn’t rename it the Power Balance Event Center – I would have had to reconsider my attendance.

You’re probably saying, Hey I didn’t know you were a children’s book writer, too! Well, you’re WRONG, Mr. Presumapants. I am not a children’s book writer.

So now, you’re probably saying, Then why were you presenting at one of their conferences?

Well, if you’d just give me a cotton pickin’ minute, I’d tell you. So, relax already and maybe scale down on the coffee.

Anyway, as I was trying to say, if you’d let me get a word in, is that I disscussed how to market yourself or your book using social media. I got to wear a very important looking badge and everything:

scbwi, margaret andrews, speaker

They had a “Freebie Table”, from which people could pillage and pilfer to their heart’s desire. So I added a Nanny Goats in Panties coffee mug and a bunch of NGIP pens.

scbwi, freebie table

Would you believe they took all the pens and left the mug??? Do you think they were afraid to take it, like it wasn’t really free? Or do you think people prefer pens over coffee mugs? I mean, what would you swipe from a “Freebie Table”? Everything, right?

Yes it was the only coffee mug on the table, the other goodies were primarily bookmarks, postcards, and brochures. If I put TWO mugs on the table, THEN would you believe they were free?

At the conference bookstore, amongst all the children’s books was my humble little book, Sticky Readers.

scbwi, bookstore, sticky readers

Bitsy Kemper, one of the authors moderating the panel I was on (and yes, her name really is Bitsy) is also a local actor in one of those mystery dinner theater shows. Here she is autographing one of her books. Isn’t she the cutest little thing?

scbwi, bitsy kemper, book signing

I was shocked when not only did people buy my book, but they wanted me to inscribe their copy as well.

scbwi, margaret andrews, book signing, sticky readers

My head got so big, I think I sprained something.

NGIP logo

Giveaway Winner Announcement

OK, enough about me, let’s celebrate the winners of last week’s T-Shirt Giveaways. Congratulations go out to:

Meleah of Momma Mea Culpa

Nicky of We Work for Cheese   Oops! I mean Nora of Door in Face.

Cindi H.


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  1. Nora Blithe says:

    Yeah!  How much fun that you got to speak and sign your book.  I bet you were wonderful!

    1.  Aw, thanks, Nora. And thank you for being so cool about my flubbup up there. I corrected it in the next post.

      1. Nora Blithe says:

        Of course! Thank you for the free tshirt!

        —–Original message—–

  2. Nancy Lauzon says:

    Fun post. Sounds like a great weekend! (Better than mine, LOL)

    1.  If you’re trying to say you just laid around the couch watching the boob tube, that would be an ideal day for me.

  3. Nicky says:

    Me? I won? *looks around for Alan Funt to pop out and yell “You’re on Candid Camera” and laugh while I burst into tears at the most horrid prank ever pulled on an unsuspecting Canadian*

    1.  Oh dear. You poor thing. I was the putz, as we all know now. *slumps away in shame*

  4. Margaret – you totally rock, for serious. And I definitely would NOT have been afraid to take that coffee mug! 

    1.  OK, good. I thought it was just me. And thanks for the rock reference. 🙂

  5. Cool beans! Congrats! I would have so totally stolen the cup.

    1.  Well I’m glad SOMEBODY would have the decency to know a good thieving opportunity when they saw one. 🙂

  6. Jayne says:

    Congratulations!   That’s so cool!

  7. I’m just thrilled that you and that beautiful Lacey got to attend.  This has been a dream of mine for years.  See, I am a member of SCBWI.

    It’s great that ya sold a record amount of books there too.  Woohoo!!!

    Have a beautifully blessed day sweetie!!!


    1.  Lacey had a good ol’ time. Your a member of SCBWI? How awesome and small-worldly is that?

  8. Gianetta says:

    Congrats, Margaret! I threw your name out a few times at the Erma workshop; met some of your followers including Anna Lefler among others. I really liked your nametag; very snazzy!

    1.  You went to the Erma workshop?? I’m jealous! I would have gone, but I forgot to keep an eye out for it and it would sold out by the time, I remembered. Next time, darn it! I love Anna Lefler – have you read her Chicktionary book?

  9. I had no idea I was eating dinner with the Nanny Goats in Panties lady! I absolutely would have talked goats with you. And btw, you can get those teff tortillas at the GF Specialty shop, but they keep them in their freezer.

    1. That’s funny! Do you have goats? 

      And I will be keeping my eyes peeled for those teff tortillas!

      1.  I don’t have goats currently; the plan was to get some Nigerian Dwarf goats (LOVE THOSE) when we moved to this house, but then we discovered I don’t tolerate goat milk all that well either. We decided we’d get more use of the space as a garden.

        And thanks for checking out my blog!

        1.  I didn’t know a thing about goats until I started this blog and then they just started showing up, so I’ve seen lots of pictures and can now confidently say, Nigerian Dwarf goats are the CUTEST!

  10. Pricilla says:

    You and Lacey look maaavelous. I hope you sold a lot of books. I did not see any apples though

    1.  I think I sold more books in one day than I ever have. Yay! And I didn’t see any apples either.