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Goat Thing: Pooty and Stiffy

Hello, and welcome to Goat Thing of the Day, a weekly series that teaches, preaches and slimy leeches.

Today we bring you a local photo from Photog Susan Maxwell Skinner who took this while at Carmichael’s Annual Founders Day celebration. Meet pygmy goat, Pooty.

Goat Video: Stiffy Goat

If you’ve ever seen the Honey Badger video, then you’ll recognize the voice behind this Stiffy Goat video.

Link to Stiffy Goat video. (Thanks, Shannon!)

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  1. Linda R. says:

    Love the stiffy goats.  So glad they’re not really dead!

  2. Slommler says:

    Ha!!!  Have a great week

  3. Nezzy says:

    Stiffy goat should be named ‘Resurrection’ goat.  These goats just amaze me!  Their so dang funny.

    Pooty looks like a quite the disco goat!

    Have a  fun-filled day sweetie!!!  :o)

  4. Jayne says:

    Ha!  Love the narration!   Hey, I’m enjoying your book.  You’re right on the mark with your writing advice.  When I wrote for TV, the opening scene was always crucial because you had to grab the audience immediately.  That seems to apply to all modes of writing.  Good job!

    1. Oh, THANK YOU, Jayne! Coming from a writing pro, that means a lot! 🙂

  5. Pricilla says:

    Since I come from a family blog and this is sometimes a family blog I will refrain myself.
    And this is Sunday.
    It’s hard….oh so hard
    to behave.