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Goat Thing of the Day: Australia and Milk Pants

Hello, and welcome to Goat Thing of the Day, a weekly series that boggles, toggles, and boondoggles.

While my good buddy Thomas traveled in Australia recently, he petted (pet? pat? have putting?) the requisite kangaroos, koalas and wombats, he very thoughtfully stopped for a quick pic with those rarest of beasts: a goat. Behold!

goat, goat picture, goat in australia
(Image courtesy of Thomas of 101 Things)

Goat Walks Into A Piano Store

goat, goat photo, goat idaho, goat beethoven, goat piano storeNo, seriously. In Ammon, Idaho, A goat walked into a piano store, made the news, got dubbed Beethoven and now has a Facebook page.

You can read the full article and see the video here.


(Story sent in by Pricilla via In a Goat’s Shoes)


Dog Wears Milk Pants

So there’s this dog. The Amazing Milk Bull. He wears pants. And helps feed goats.

Here’s the video:


(Video sent in by Injun Mike via

goat in panties daniella seafood punch

If you’ve got a goat thing, feel free to submit it.


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  1. Cfdogwalker says:

    those pics are just amazing!! i love them!!
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  3. Naganpets says:

    There’s really a lot of wonder dogs in this generation.Its take a lot of patience to train a dog to do that thing.i cant imagine that the can feed a goat using a feeding bottle.After i watch the video i can see to my self that there is nothing possible in this world that you can do if you have this called ” patience “.Patience really a Virtue.To guys guys who doing this kind of of job.Continue doing it and more power.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yeah for Thomas finding the elusive and exotic Australian goat!  

    I always find that dog and his milk belt funny.  My dog would be running in fear if a goat came anywhere near him.  

  5. J. Bear Savo says:

    The milk pants dog looks like some kind of super hero.

  6. FishHawk says:

    “Nanny Goats In Panties” has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive.  I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.

    1. Thanks, FishHawk! How sweet of you!

  7. Jayne says:

    OMFGAWWWD!  Hysterical.  That poor dog.  He looks like he’s doing time for some crime — like the person who steals and is forced to stand on a street corner wearing a sandwich board that reads “I’m a thief.”   But what a saint.  

  8. L7 Marking says:

     I like this video very much and it really inspired me the dog is looking very patient.Thank you for sharing with us.
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  9. Slommler says:

    The amazing Milk Bull!  I don’t know if I think this is cute or if I feel sorry for the Bull!!??!!  He has to just stand there and wait…..and wait….and wait!!  And his tail is hanging straight down!!  Ha!  Doesn’t look to happy with this role he has to play!

  10. Ginger says:

    That is one patient dog!! I am impressed.

  11. Bobbi Olson says:

    Cute!  There’s a goat by my house that my dogs bark at every day but I can’t ever get a picture for you.

  12. Jane says:

    I dunno…the look on Thomas’s face and his proximity to the goat butt (get it?) make me think there was a little goat fart going on.

  13. Aw… that sure was swell of Thomas to take time out from the roos and wallabies to pet a goat for you!  And love the milk pants!  I can’t believe that dog just stood there so patiently!

  14. Thomas C. says:

    Aww!  I’m a Goat Thing of the Day!  That’s totally a life long dream come true!  

  15. Pricilla says:

    That poor doggie looks a bit embarrassed. 
    I can’t imagine why……

  16. I needed some cute in my life today – love these!  Especially the amazing milk bull :).