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Goat Thing of the Day: Save Benny of Berlin, CT!

In Berlin, CT, Benny the Goat has been Sheri Sala’s pet for five years. She adopted Benny at 3 weeks old, bottle-fed him and has kept him as a pet for the last five years.

Suddenly the court wants to kick Benny out of her home, despite the fact neighbors have not complained about the Pygmy goat.

The neighbors have complained about her dog, however, for barking. But the goat doesn’t bother them. The goat only seems to bother a Draconian law forbidding such animals on less than 3 acres of land.


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You can have all the barking dogs, squawking parrots, gunning engines, screaming children, lawn mowers, and leaf blowers that you want.

But in Berlin, CT, you may not have a goat.

This is clearly a case of the law not keeping up with the times. Goats are pets now. Nobody is complaining about this woman’s goat. There is no reason this woman should not keep her pet.

“But the law says” should not be the only reason to stand on in this case. Hello? Spirit of the Law vs. Letter of the Law, people.

If you think this is outrageous, check out this Facebook page and LIKE it: Berlin CT: Let Sheri Sala Keep Benny the Goat. Maybe they can review and then change the law. Or at the very least, make Benny an exception.

I’m not the only one doing her part to save Benny. Michelle over at Goat Berries is pleading Benny’s case as well. If you think this is half as ridiculous as I do, share this post or the FB page with your friends.

WSFB article: Town To Woman: Your Goat Has To Go

Patch Article: Goat Owner Has Time to Appeal


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  1. What a waste of tax dollars. Leave Benny alone. I’m off to check it out.
    Happy weekend, jj

  2. Nezzy says:

    Somehow the logic just doesn’t fly does it!

    Let’s save little Benny ya’ll!!! :o)

  3. Pricilla says:

    Wow! We are 6 goats with more coming on an acre.
    Tell her to move to Montana…..

    1. OK then. Any goat that gets kicked out of homes can come to your house. Er, Montana anyway.

  4. I have friends who live in Berlin, CT.- they’d better be pro goat or else I’m coming to get them AND rescue Benny!

    1. Go tj!! I’ll bet your friends have heard of Benny by now.

  5. Jaffer says:

    “Goats are pets now”

    WRONG !

    Goats have ALWAYS been pets since humans domestimacated them !

    And they don’t need 3 acres of land to pasture !

    What about snakes and spiders and other vermin more dangerous than a goat ?!!

    1. Mimi says:

      Here in New York it’s FIVE acres to own one goat……..

      1. FIVE acres! Jeez! How are goats supposed to become the pet of choice when laws like these abound?

    2. You’re right. Maybe it’s that we’ve come full circle because in the recent American past, goats were not pets. It’s those durn city folk makin’ them laws!