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Goat Thing of the Day: Martok, Giggle With the Goats

Meet Ozark Jewels General Martok…

Ozark Jewels General Martok

Martok wants to wish you Happy Holidays (while munching on his wreath)! Martok belongs to Sue who has a website called Dreamgoat Annie.

Giggle With the Goats has a Jingle Bells Holiday Performance Video…

Thanks to Ann Ranlett and several others who pointed this out to me.

Goats in the News

goat warning buzz feed

Thanks, Thomas! (Image Credit: Buzz Feed)

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  1. 2626 says:

    cute!! (:

  2. Slommler says:

    Didn’t realize you had to be wary of a goat! Ha! I will definitely keep this in mind when I want walking up in the mountains.
    Love the Jingle Bells video!! So cute
    Merry Christmas and hugs

  3. Happy Holidays, Martok & Margaret!

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Margaret Andrews. Margaret Andrews said: This week's Goat Thing of the Day includes Star Trek and a cute holiday goat video. #thingsthatmakeyougoawwww […]

  5. Thomas C. says:

    Being able to contribute to Goat Thing of the Day makes it feel like Christmas! And it’s not even anywhere near Decemb… oh… wait… never mind.

  6. Dang! I’ve never encountered Goat Warnings before. I much prefer mine with wreaths around their necks.

  7. Pricilla says:

    I wish someone would give ME a wreath.
    We did get a new kid for Christmas. His name is Kringle. His picture will be up as soon as the publicist can get them edited. This is what happens when does hop the buck’s fence. Kids in winter….

    1. When DOES hop the BUCK’S fence??? Well, well, well….you go, girls!

  8. Those romping babies had what looked like a playground a kid would kill for! What awesome and adorable goat babies! Goatlings? KIDS! LOL

  9. Nezzy says:

    Ya gotta love those edible Christmas decorations!!!

    The little rompin’ Jingle Bell goats are just as cute a bugs! I laughed and laughed.

    Thanks girl for the heads up. While hikin’ in the mountains I will remember not to pee along the trail! Heeehehehee!!! :o)

    Ya’ll have a wonderfully blessed and beautiful Christmas!!!