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Mushrooms? Blech. But YOU Go Ahead.

Smashburger, located out in BFE (aka Citrus Heights) had eluded me until recently when I went out with my ladies lunch club, oddly called Ladies Who Lunch (if you want to join this exclusive club there’s a ten page application, and some family members get a huge discount on the dues in order to encourage membership, while other family members have to pay a steep fee in order to discourage it – this means YOU, Aunt Bertha).

smashburger, smashburger sacramento, smashburger review

Anyway, have you ever been to Smashburger? It a big bright clean friendly place. I think their ceilings are 75 feet high. Or something like that. Big ass billboards bedeck the walls.

smashburger, smashburger sacramento, smashburger review

Now, I don’ t know about you, but I’m a tomato snob and if your tomatoes are not red, ripe, and flavorful, I am not interested and since 99.999999% of the time, your tomatoes are indeed NOT red, ripe and flavorful, I will not waste either of our precious time asking for them. Luckily, Smashburger’s menu is not only diverse, but also flexible.

I don’t want all the fancy stuff on my cheeseburger. I just want ketchup, mustard, and pickles and that’s pretty much it. None of that “special sauce” for me. Of course, bacon is a given on any burger (or sandwich, or pancake breakfast, or ice cream sundae, or shoes), but as this was my first time, I wanted to try a simple cheeseburger.

And some fries. I think all burger joints should be judged by their fries. I mean, let’s face it, if you met a cool guy who was a great conversationalist and a big hit at parties, would you hang out with him as much if his wife were a shrew? Exactly. Anyway, if the cheese is melted and not burnt, they get extra points, so this burger of mine was a smash hit! (Get it? Smash hit, because…the place is called….oh, never mind)

Now, I embrace burger diversity. You can have whatever you want on your burger and I will not judge. Two ladies in our party ordered the Mushroom Swiss Burger, which, gag me with a spoon, but I’m not the one who has to eat it, so they could knock themselves out with that slimy snail-like raw oysterish fungi on their burger. What I will applaud, however, was one of their alternatives to french fries: fried pickles.

smashburger fried pickles, smashburger, smashburger sacramento, smashburger review

FYI: fried pickles = awesome. They brought us various dipping sauces for the fried pickles, or the sweet potato fries, I forgot which, but I tried it and yum!

smashburger, smashburger fried pickles, smashburger sacramento, smashburger review

Meanwhile, another member of our party tried the Buffalo Smashchicken and thought it delicious.

smashburger, smashburger sacramento, smashburger review, smashburger buffalo chicken

They even have salads and fried asparagus spears. I just wish they were closer to my home. Instead, because they are in Citrus Heights and Folsom, a couple of the outer-lying villages surrounding Sacramento, I have to pack a rucksack, camping gear and the like, just so I can try a dang burger.

Have you ever tried Smashburger? Did you have to drive or take a plane to get there? And what did you think of the place?

I’m now down to one last burger chain to try and that’s Sonic Burger. Wherever THEY are. I see the commercials, but I’ve never run across one in this city. Personally, I think they’re made up. Someone is yanking our chain trying to get us excited about a fictitious burger. I’m sure of it. When I finally do locate one, they’d better not have shrews for fries.

Smashburger on Urbanspoon

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  1. FreaKeroppi says:

    Sounds like the most American restaurant ever.

  2. Shieldmaiden1196 says:

    Do you have Five Guys out there? I suspect you’d like them too; they are famous for their fries and the burgers are great. Don’t think they have fried pickles though.

    1. I’ve heard of Five Guys but I’ve never seen one around here. But if I ever see one in my travels, hoo boy…look out!

      1. Yourpalpinki says:

        5 Guys just opened up here in our village of Elk Grove…haven’t checked it out but now we will since Shieldmaiden1196 said to.
        There’s a Sonic in Roseville next to Frys Electronics, but it doesn’t have carhops and is in an AmPm gas station (weird) and has a drive thru. Go a little farther up 80 towards Lincoln and there’s one with car hops so you can get the full service. We like the super long coney dogs and tots. Thats right, tater tots. MMMMMMMM!
        We drove by Smashburger and wondered what it was, so thanks for reviewing it. We love us some pickles so we’ll have to try those. And those ginormous buns!!! Dang it, my mouth is watering from all this food talk.

        1. Yeah, somebody else mentioned Five Guys, so now that you told me where they are, we can totally check them out! woo hoo!

  3. Murph says:

    Sonic burgers are just “eh” if you ask me, but their shakes and slushies and chillers and limeades are awesome. Plus they have happy hour, where all of that deliciousness is half price every day from 2:00-4:00.
    Smashburger looks amazing. Sweet potato fries and fried pickles…count me the F in.

    1. “Count me the F in”??????
      Can I have that? I mean can I borrow it at least? I love that.

      Also? Half price Happy Hour makes everything twice as good.

  4. Lanita Moss says:

    The fried pickles are a southern thing, I had them in Louisiana.

    Sonic is throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas…you know, the Midwestern thing.

    And have you ever had bacon flavored toothpicks?

  5. Lanita Moss says:

    The fried pickles are a southern thing, I had them in Louisiana.

    Sonic is throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas…you know, the Midwestern thing.

    And have you ever had bacon flavored toothpicks?

    1. Bacon flavored toothpicks? Holy cow! No! Mmmmm……bacon flavored toothpicks….

      1. Lanita Moss says:

        I thought you might like that.

  6. There’s a Sonic downstate (meaning, about twenty minutes from here. Small states are awesome.)

    I don’t get there nearly enough.

    There should be a Sonic closer to my house. Like next door.

    That way, I could walk there.

    Then again, if there was a Sonic right next door, it probably wouldn’t be long before I stopped walking over and started riding a Jazzy Power Scooter from my front door to theirs.

    1. Yeah, you might not walk over as much as “waddle” over after a while. Then graduate to the power scooter.

  7. Linda R. says:

    That sounds like a great burger joint. I don’t recall hearing about them here on the East Coast. We do have Sonic, though. Yes, it really does exist. We ate there just recently on our way to St. Pete. It is not anything spectacular, but we just had sandwiches and tea…really sweet tea.

    Were the fried pickles dill? We’ve had those before, and even though I hate pickles of all kinds, those were pretty good.

    1. I’m not sure if they were dill or not, but I’m going to go with “yes” anyway. šŸ™‚

  8. Great. Now Im friggen starving and craving burgers! I have never tried fried pickles, and now I am going to be on a MISSION to find them somewhere in NJ!

  9. Carrie says:

    Sonicburger is real! They realm in the southeast. AND they’ll bring your food to your car on roller skates. And they are super cheap! You can even substitute tatertots in place of fries. Ahh, grammar school memories…

  10. Not all mushrooms are created equally – those didn’t look particularly attractive. I love me some fungus though šŸ™‚

  11. Ruth says:

    Funny, I could easily walk to Smashburger from my hut here in the village of Folsom. But I’m vegetarian.
    Life’s just not fair, is it?

    1. You villagers are so quaint with your walkable neighborhoods. Yes, if you went to Smashburger, you’d be limited to the fried pickles, sweet potato fries, fried asparagus, fried onions, fried green beans. You’d be pretty fried when you left.

  12. I just googled and we have Smashburger in San Antonio! I’d never even heard of it! Well! Guess I know where I’m having lunch this week.

    And I swear to you that Sonic does exist, it’s very popular here in Texas. It’s also in Florida. However, I must admit I’ve only eaten there once. It was good, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why I’ve never been back. They have carhops, which the kids enjoyed. They’re famous for shakes and slurpy-type things, which are not my favorite.

    1. The next time I hop on my private jet to go to Smashburger (’cause driving just takes too long!), I’m gonna order me one of them milkshakes. Then I’ll fly to the nearest Sonic and order a carhop!

  13. Mmmmm….. burgers & fries! Just add a beer or a Dr Pepper and I’m in heaven! (Hold the mushrooms.)

  14. Slommler says:

    Sonic Burger is real…been there! Good burgers and awesome onion rings!! Yum!!
    Smashburger sounds fabulous! None around here though…at least I don’t think so. Must check it out!

  15. Nicky says:

    “…gag me with a spoon, but Iā€™m not the one who has to eat it, so they could knock themselves out with that slimy snail-like raw oysterish fungi on their burger.”

    Margaret, I love you.

    1. Here’s me, doing that eye to eye thing with the fingers pointing at my eyes to yours.

      Thank you, Nicky!

  16. Jayne says:

    I saw a story about this place on the Food Network. It was that chubby, white-haired dude who travels the country pigging out wherever he goes. No doubt the reason he’s chubby. If he was skinny, people wouldn’t believe he was eating all this shit. Anyway, I saw the fried pickles. They looked amazing. And now I want some.

    1. I don’t know who that is. We watch that other show on the Travel Channel with the brown-haired dude who travels all over the country pigging out wherever HE goes. Who is also a little chubby.

  17. Momma Drama says:

    Oh I love burgers. I’m a simple burger woman. Cheese, onions, and black pepper. Mmmmm…. I need to eat a 2nd lunch.

    Looks like an awesome place.

  18. Kristi says:

    Love, love, LOVE Smashburger! I always just get a classic burger and a side of onion straws. Or their rosemary/garlic fries. Yum!

    Now Sonic? Good for drinks but their food has a really bitter aftertaste. Weird, huh? But two thumbs up for their Cranberry Limeades!

    1. Note to self: If you ever find a Sonic, try the Cranberry Limeade. Kristi says so.

  19. T.J. says:

    Nothing like that around here, but looks so very tempting. And the bun- wow!- the bun. The next thing that needs to like up with a burger and fries is a decent bun. Looks like Smashburger had that too you lucky girl!!!!

    1. Oh my god yes the bun. The bun is almost everything, which is why IMHO In-N-Out burger rocks beyond all human comprehension, or perhaps I exaggerate a tad.

  20. Liz says:

    I kinda want to shoot you for teasing me with those fried pickles! The first time I ever even heard of them was when we moved to Memphis the first time. BB Kings has THE best fried pickle slices! Heaven!

    I’m with you on both the need for RIPE tomatoes as well as bacon making every burger better.

    1. I am already adding Memphis on my list of places to go if not for the fried pickles than to meet my fellow blogger Tracy (who commented above about Memphis as well).

      1. Liz says:

        If you ever come, then let me know! We could do it up proper on Beale!

  21. Nezzy says:

    Girl those are some giant burgers!!! Hubs and I often ‘split’ a burger. These look like we’d need to invite a friend or two! I want to try one now.

    We have a Sonic here in Tiny Town….they’re OK but nothin’ to write home to mama about!

    Ya’ll have a great day!!!

  22. sparkling74 says:

    I am not a burger eater but I am very impressed that they give you the ingredients in pieces so your bun doesn’t get soggy while you wait for your friends to get their orders. I have never heard of Smashburger. However, I too see commercials for Sonic and I know for a fact there isn’t one anywhere near here, so I don’t know why we have to suffer through those commercials. I think you aren’t missing anything because it makes me think of Dairy Queen selling burgers which is just gross.

    1. Yes! Dairy Queen and Fosters Freeze! What crazy legislation allows for this to occur?

  23. Pricilla says:

    I hope it wasn’t a goat burger…..

    The publicist forgot to tell you that she was selling my rich soap at a farmer’s market in tiny, little Superior, MT and someone came and bought my rich soap and they were from SACRAMENTO!!!!!!

    1. OMG! That’s some weird little time vortex thing that much mean you and I are getting THAT much closer to actually meeting each other!

  24. Tracy Oconnor says:

    Sonic is my happy place! You don’t even have to get out of your car and they’ll bring you a milkshake. I guess they only build them in progressive cities like Memphis where there aren’t any judgmental, hateful anti-mushroom types. Or places where there are a lot of fat people who don’t like to get out of their car for a Sonic blast. Luckily Memphis is both of those things.

    Those burgers and fries are huge!

    1. Well, I have to tell you, just because the burger LOOKS likes it 27,000 pixels wide, it’s not really. I should have put a penny next to it so you could see just how little burger you get for $25.00.

      Also? You kill me.

  25. Timmy says:

    Well, unfortunately Smashburger has not ventured into the Great White North. And, by the pictures, that is a shame. However, Although I probably won’t be able to partake in a Smashburger burger anytime soon…I have been inspired by it. This weekend I plan on painting, in huge red letters, the word “Sizzle” in my bedroom. I’m sure my wife will be very pleased.

  26. Timmy says:

    Well, unfortunately Smashburger has not ventured into the Great White North. And, by the pictures, that is a shame. However, Although I probably won’t be able to partake in a Smashburger burger anytime soon…I have been inspired by it. This weekend I plan on painting, in huge red letters, the word “Sizzle” in my bedroom. I’m sure my wife will be very pleased.

    1. That would be awesome. Be sure and take pictures.
      Of the word “sizzle”, not um….other stuff in your bedroom.

  27. Sue says:

    Why? Why must I always read a post involving food right before lunch? Whatever I have for lunch today will not measure up to a smashburger and fried pickles. I might as well just eat peanutbutter and jelly.

  28. Mjgolch says:

    Now you gone and done it.I want to fly out there and visit that resturant.If I could afford it I would. Not to mention it would be nice to visit Sacramento again.

    1. Was it the fried pickles? Or the fact that they have “buckets of beer” on their menu? Oh, I didn’t mention the buckets of beer?