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Goat Thing of the Day: Billy Vanilly

billy vanilly goat

Becky the Design Lady calls this little guy Billy Vanilly because he was busted once for lip-syncing to a goat rap video called Angora Management. OK, that’s not true, it’s because he like Vanilla Wafers. You can see Billy Vanilly (also known as Bob) going for a box over at Becky’s blog called Dream Believe Achieve in a post entitled, “My New Lawn Ornament“.

Have you seen the Diji Farm Maternity Ward? They’ve got a U-Stream video you can watch all day if you like.

Link to Diji Farm video (if it doesn’t come up here)

(Thanks to Sharon for pointing this one out!)

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  1. I was able to go over to the site and see the kid being born – MAN it looked like it HURT! The sounds mama was making, YIKES!!
    Love Billy Vanilly, I agree with her about Vanilla Wafers – YUM.

  2. Billy is too cool. I don't care if he lipsincs.

  3. Nezzy says:

    That 'Billy Vanilly' is one TIRED goat! Heeehehehe!

    The video give whole new meanin' to havin' kids! No labor of any kind is any fun.

    Ya'll have a terrific day! :o)

  4. Pricilla says:

    Goat labor is is not fun. I can tell you that. The kids are cute but getting there is not something I would want the publicist to put on video. I maaaa some very embarrassing things when I am in labor.

    hee hee Billy Vanilly

    I have never had a Vanilla Wafer. I will have to talk to the publicist about this.

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  6. The video doesn't work for me but I have seen baby animals before and the State Fair starts next week so we will see our share of birthing babies. Must remember to bring camera.

    Billy Vanilly is an awesome goat name!