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Goat Thing of the Day: Are You WWOOFing?

I know that sounds like something that belongs on Dog Thing of the Day over at Daddy Dogs in Diapers, but Steven from noSpacesnoSpecials sent in this Angora goat from Ditchling Common in West Sussex, England, where he WWOOFed.

angora goat in UK

This year, he’ll be WWOOFing at the Crooked End farm in Glouchestire, England. You can find out WTF I’m talking about at the WWOOF website.

Have you guys seen the trampolining goat?

Thanks to Linda of The Good, The Bad, The Worse and Andrea from Mommy’s Martini for showing me this video.
Link to the trampoline goat (if unable to view video here)

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  1. Awwww! OMG! the trampolining goat rules!

  2. muskrat says:

    No BlogHer recap post? Ah well…goats are more interesting, anyway. Good seeing you again!

    1. I'm pretty sure I will be recapping a thing or two about BlogHer. In fact, this post was inspired by something said at BlogHer during the Humor Writing, or one of those other writing panels. When someone said to use self-deprecation, I screamed inside my head, “NoooOOOOO!!!” That's MY bit. And a blog post was born.

  3. The only thing I have to say is, I have nothing nice to say so I will say nothing at all. Except, I feel sorry for that trampolined goat on so many levels.

  4. Sheila says:

    That angora goat is hot!! I'd like to snuggle up to it on a cold winter night. I'm so
    baa – d (yes I did say that)

  5. Ha! Nezzy said it– The Whoppi Goldbery goat! What a look!
    Happy weekend, jj

  6. CatLadyLarew says:

    Great goat things today!

  7. The video is hilarious! I'm stunned that someone has a trampoline in their kitchen but even more perplexed that they have a goat using it in there with her.

  8. JunkDrawer says:

    I have that angora's hair, but brunette. As you can imagine, it's a bitch.

  9. Ginger says:

    lol. What a cutie goatie!

  10. Nezzy says:

    Well how cute is that Whoopie Goldburg goat and well, that little one could audition for Jumpin' Jack Flash! Cute!

    Ya'll have a marvelous weekend filled with fun blessings!!! :o)

    1. hee hee! well that's one vote for Dee Snider and one vote for Whoopie Goldberg so far.

  11. Pricilla says:

    Hmmm, most kids don't need trampolines but that is very funny. They are born pretty bouncy. I should know….

  12. Slommler says:

    How cool is that! The goat did pretty good too! Ha!

  13. Nicky says:

    Oh! This just reminded me that I need to upload the pics from my camera so I can send you the goat things I saw! The ones I saw didn't jump on trampolines or Woof or anything special like that, though 🙁 Oh, but they are CANADIAN.


    1. Canadian???? Holy crap! I can't remember the last time I saw a CANADIAN goat!

  14. Christine says:

    OMG, he looks like Dee Snider. With some smurf juice on his little nose.

    1. HA! OMG! He does look like Dee Snyder.

  15. Jayne says:

    Look at that darling freckled nose. I soooo want a goat.

  16. I wonder if that lady trains human “kids” too? 🙂

  17. Why I think that stupid goat and that giggling lady are hilarious, I don't know. But I do. That angora goat just looks so wrong he's right if you know what I mean!

    1. Strangely, I think I do know what you mean. I think.

      1. Margaret, I think you do too. Strangely.

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