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Anti-self-deprecation is the New Black

Have you ever tried getting marmalade out of a malamute? I wouldn’t advise it, is all I’m saying.

But that’s not why I called this meeting. No, today’s meeting is about the dreaded wicker chair – no wait! – it’s about effective humor blogging.

More than once I’ve heard that self-deprecation is a good way to deliver the humor. It endears your audience to you. But the fact that people keep mentioning it is making me rethink my whole approach. Self-deprecation is now mainstream and conformist and … passé.

It’s also a cop out strategy that merely demonstrates your desire to “play it safe” and is why I’ve decided to give up on that whole concept.

That’s right – from now on, I am awesome and you can suck it. Which is going to be the chorus of my new song because it is lyrical and repeatable and it’s catchy and has a good beat and you can dance to it. I give it a 10 and did I mention that I am a ridiculously gifted songwriter? Oh yeah.

Also? I’m drop dead gorgeous.


gisele bundchen, actually
This is’t me, but I look almost exactly like this. Ask anybody who hasn’t seen me.

I’m also horribly philanthropic, way more than you. I make Mother Theresa look like Montgomery Burns.

Mr Burns

So anyway I was at this party the other night, name-dropping with Elizabeth Taylor and Susan Sarandon when Susan mentioned this particular blog post of mine that she thought was hysterical.

“You’re a female Steve Martin is what you are, darling,” she said. “Except you look almost exactly like Gisele Bundchen.”

Which, of course, I already knew, but it’s still nice to hear now and again, right? I mean, if nothing else it makes more great blurbing on my best-selling books.

And while I’m on this self-deprecation hiatus, I should also point out that I am exceedingly rich. I have way more money than I know what to do with and quite frankly, it just won’t stop rolling in. My success never ceases to amaze me and all my friends on a daily basis. Why just yesterday, Bob (you might know him as Robert DeNiro, but his closest friends call him Bob) calls me and asks for some advice on motivation for a scene he was about to shoot where a beautiful young princess has to figure out how to choose which Prince Charming she will allow to propose marriage. “I mean, you know, since you can relate so well to this particular situation, Mags, who better to ask, in my humble opinion”. So I gave him some helpful tips, because I try to help where I can.

I have to admit, it’s quite liberating to release myself from the self-deprecating cliche and I just might be on the cutting edge of a new trend in blogging. In fact, I’m sure of it, because I usually am.

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  1. Why, Mags, you are gorgeous… so much more so than Susan or Elizabeth!
    It is no wonder Bob called you for inspiration, he knows quality when he sees it.
    I really think you have something in this post, keep up the good work!

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  3. Of course you are gorgeous – just not as gorgeous as me – as any number of (frankly alarming) pics of BlogHer10 will attest.
    I agree totally with the kick-ass attitude – I can't even spell self-depric…self-degrada…self-defeca…self-deprac…modesty.
    Anyway – who would want to be Gisele? She has bad breath (or so 'Leo' DiCaprio told me the other day when were both waiting to have our veneers resurfaced).

    1. Woo hoo! You win the comment of the day award! Love this! Thank you for making me laugh and I hope you got the (frankly alarming number of) pics I sent with you in them.

      1. I did get those photos – thank you so much! Making sure my family don't see them for two reasons: 1) I told them I was going to BlogHer for serious 'business'. 2) They may get ideas about staging an intervention.

  4. I'm so glad you did this. Now we can just be ourselves. I'd leave a better comment but I have far more important things to do.

    1. You couldn't leave a better comment than that. That's perfect.

      1. Of course I couldn't. It was perfection if I do say so myself. In fact, I am
        breaking all kinds of rules by responding to your response, because I really
        do have better things to do.

  5. Linda R. says:

    If you've got it, strut it!

  6. Mudpiesformommy says:

    Love the new attitude. I have a similar one as well. Say Hi to all your buddies for me!! Tell them to come and check out my blog too!

  7. Geez, Robert DeNiro calls you Mags? Even I don't get to call you Mags, and I am way more famous and rich and respected than HE is.

    1. Just got off the phone with Bobby and he says it's cool if you call me Mags, but if you ever (EVER!) quote any line from mirror scenes with guns in Taxi Driver, you're cutoff from any and all nicknames for me.

  8. Kyddryn says:

    When I was a child my granny told me that self-depreciation would make me go blind if I did it too much, and grow hair on my palms, and it was s in and I'd go to Hell.

    Oh, wait…

    Meanwhile, since you're rolling in it, wanna pay my phone bill before they turn it (and, more importantly, my Internet) off in a few days? I'd sure appreciate it…

    Eh, I had to ask.

    Shade and Sweetwater,
    K (who thinks the best way to appreciate depreciation is to buy a new car)(which she's never in her life done)(because she's not a lottery winner…yet…)

    1. My granny told me the same thing and I thought it just a wives tale, but turns out it's all true! Not that I have the hairy palms to prove it. I've….heard about it.

  9. Nance says:

    I'm going to deliberately leave some blank area in this comment so you can fill in some acclaim that hasn't shown up in the 49 previous comments. Of course, you don't need the practice, but I'm sure you'll do a better job singing your well-deserved praises than I would do 😉 _____________________________________________________________

    1. Awesome! Awesome awesome comment! In all my decades of blogging, no one has ever (EVER!) provided me blank lines with which to leave my own comment.

  10. Ausetkmt says:

    Margaret you are hillarious. missed reading you while I was on hiatus. butterahhhh I'mm baahhhhhhhkkkk. (yes that's a goat bleet) come see what's cookin at We Miss Youuuuuuu

  11. Ginger says:

    Now all you need is Fergie's 'Glamorous' playing from your Porsche or whatever Stars like you'll drive…….

  12. Jhavenner says:

    I heart you and your awesomeness.

    1. Awwww! My heart thanks you, and my awesomeness thanks you.

  13. Jilly3 says:

    Yeah, I know what you mean. It's tough to be such a big fish in such a little bowl – shit, give me some room people!

    1. I'm so glad SOMEBODY out there understands me. I try to relate to the little fish, but it's exhausting.

  14. gosh, I really want to be just like you when I grow up

    1. Thanks! But since I'm only 23, you must be all of 12, right?

  15. SFChick says:

    Great post! As much as I want to think positively, it just doesn't seem funny. You have proven me wrong.

    If my mind wasn't already fuzzy from being overtired, it would be blown away by the sheer genius of your writing. 🙂
    Facetiousness aside, I did enjoy this post.

    1. Thanks! I hope you get some rest soon, so you can be properly blown away by my sheer genius! 😀

      p.s. I was just thinking of you today and how it's time to do lunch again!

  16. I'd be lost without writing self-deprecating blog posts.

    1. Aw, come on in! The water's fine, Meleah!

  17. Nicky says:

    As one of those people who hasn't seen you, I can attest to your uncanny resemblance to Gisele. Actually, SHE bears an uncanny resemblance to YOU. Except, I think she's a little older than you are. No matter, I'm sure you'll look even better when you hit her age!

    1. You are awesome. I thank you for jumping on this train with me! 🙂

  18. Ruth says:

    I would tell you this post was hilarious and made me laugh out loud, except I'm way funnier than you and also far too busy and important to take the time to leave a comment.

    1. Best comment ever! I mean, if you had bothered to take the time to leave one.

  19. Sparkle says:

    I am glad you've joined the anti-self-deprecation club. That almost makes you an honorary kitty.

    1. Well, thank you, Sparkle. 😀

  20. Nezzy says:

    Yeah, just like we struck oil here on the Ponderosa and I'm the most beautifully stylish farm chick in the Ozarks. Heeehehehe! Your a hoot girl!

    Have a 'richly' fun day!

    1. Jayne says:

      Rock it, girlfriend!

  21. I always thought you looked like Kate Moss. No….wait….Kate Moss, only thinner. I've idolized you and your goat-idolatry. But in all honesty, chickens are waaay better. Ta-ta, dahling.

    1. Well THAT figures, coming from a chicken wing. And a prayer.

  22. scott_free says:

    How funny! People are always telling me that *I* look like Gisele Bundchen too!
    Love this post, Nanny!

    1. How lucky is Gisele Bundchen to look like the two of us?

  23. Hugz says:

    No, actually we call him “Bobby”

  24. Lisa Golden says:

    Finally, we can all let down our gorgeous, silky hair and be our fabulous selves. Phew!

  25. ReformingGeek says:

    I hope you don't get over yourself soon. I like the new you. I also liked the old you so it's safe to assume that I'll gullible and will “like” whatever “you”. 😉

    Hum….if you have extra money, I could use some new shoes!

    1. Of course I have extra money. I'm filthy rich, remember? I have it here somewhere…now where did I put it?….

  26. The resemblance is uncanny!

    1. Isn't it? I mean, I was going to hire a photographer for this post, but then I saw Gisele's picture and I thought I was looking into the mirror.

  27. Okay, Margaret, I have seen you, but it took me a minute to recognize you with your hair a little longer. All this humble crap is for the birds, not the goats! I'm with you Babe. Show off that you are beautiful, rich, smart, and oh so sexy! Plus, you have talent. I'm glad you are doing this! It's very liberating to all of us!

    1. Aw, thanks, Linda! Between you and me, we could pretty much take over the world!

      1. We may have to at the rate it's going to hell in a hand basket!

      2. Jayne says:

        Not without me, you don't. 😉

  28. Yeah girl. Diva trumps deprecation any day. And now I must go and supervise the sycophants who are polishing my many tiaras.

    1. Nice! Say, where do you get your tiaras? The Princesses R Us in my neighborhood just closed up shop. Something about the economy and unemployment. Pffft!

  29. Jenn of Many Cabbages says:

    Say hi to Bob and Susan for me.

    Or the Delusion Fairy. Whichever you reencounter first. 🙂

    1. HA! Somehow, I suspect it may be the latter. Although if for some crazy reason I do run into Bob or Susan, I'll probably cower anyway. However, the Delusion Fairy is right here if you want to talk to her.

  30. Swirl Girl says:

    I never get through the day without a good self-deprecation or two.
    Loved this post!

  31. Wow – I think a little bit of your rampant awesomeness may have actually rubbed off on me during the reading of this post.

    … But I still don't look like Gisele Bundchen. 🙁

    1. I'm glad to help. And trust me, with your new attitude, you'll be looking like Gisele in no time.

  32. Pricilla says:

    This is what happens when you keep company with famous SpokesGoats.
    It rubs off….

    1. So THAT's where I got it from! I was wondering where this newfound attitude came from.

  33. SueAnn says:

    Well while we are on the subject; I am quite amazing myself! I am gorgeous and smart and filthy rich (just ask Lady Gaga)! I love who I am and where I am at. I make others pale in comparison. So I don't know about you but I am sure I can out shine you anytime, anywhere!!! I'm just sayin'!

    1. Which is precisely why I love you, SueAnn! Thanks for jumping on this train with me!

  34. Rachel says:

    why deprecate myself when I can deprecate others?? 😉

    1. Exactly! I'm glad you see my point here, Rachel.

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