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Goat Thing of the Day: Wooden Leg and Goats Win the Lottery

Hey, have you ever seen a goat with a wooden leg? No? Have I got a picture for you!

goat with wooden leg at Bullards Bar

An alert NGIP reader (whom I will call Miss Griswold in the interest of privacy, even though her real name is Rochelle) sent in this photo taken in 2004. She was on a company field trip to New Bullards Bar and the New Colgate Powerhouse here in northern California.

The story of this guy is that the Davis Veterinary Hospital provided him the wooden leg many years ago. A friend of Rochelle Miss Griswold tried to follow up on the story but couldn’t find anyone who knew anything about it.

So if you know anything about it, speak up!

frilly pink panties

And Another Thing…

NGIP fan Melissa alerted us to the story where a lady from Shasta California won the lottery and gave it all to her goats. Yeah!!!

frilly pink panties

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  1. Well, I just think that is the nicest thing to do for a goat who needed a leg.
    At least I hope that was the situation…
    I wish I were a goat so someone would give me their lottery winnings, nobody gives me anything except those dang nickles in those “begging for money” charity letters – God I hate those, they make me feel so guilty if I don't send something back.

  2. J. Bear Savo says:

    Oh, I have to show that picture to my father.

  3. Ricky says:

    Oh wow that is crazy! I have never seen anything like this on a wild animal, it must have been something special to someone to help this goat out!

  4. Guess what's awesome? I have an award for you on my blog. One eats goats though, so you should pick the other one.

  5. Linda R. says:

    A goat with a wooden leg? I didn't know they could do that. He must have been pretty special!

  6. You don't think they are eating that goat, one leg at a time, do you?

    OK, that was just WRONG, sorry! LOLOLOL!

  7. That is so cute about the wooden leg. I thought you were going to be talking about your wooden leg, or is that hollow leg? I guess it doesn't matter since it was the goats and not yours.

  8. Anymommy says:

    I would totally pretend to be a goat for some lottery money. Except, I wouldn't take money from three legged goats. That's just mean.

    1. I hope you're working on your bleats then, because you just never know if YOU could be the next winner!

  9. Jayne says:

    I love the story about the woman who's spending her lottery winnings on animal rescue. That's always been my dream — to win the lottery and start a foundation to fund small grassroots groups that are doing animal rescue.

    1. Well then, we need you to win the lottery more than ever because most people piss it away and end up divorced from their family and homeless and miserable…when they could have made a lot of animals (and ergo, themselves) very happy instead.

  10. wow, he's like a bionic goat!

    1. Yes! He's the $6 million dollar goat, unlike his lottery winning buddies.

  11. A Christmas Goat– I'll be on the lookout. I'm guessing a trip to Venice Beach or Melrose Avenue will result in a photo or two 😉
    xo jj

    1. I don't doubt it! 🙂 And especially in July.

  12. Nezzy says:

    Let me tell ya'll here and now….I'm winnin' the Publishers Clearing House Sweeps and am not sharin' a dime with any goat, cows, donkeys, cats or dogs. Although I did promise Mrs. 4444's a new furnace when I won! I will keep my word….just that kinda gal! Hehehehehe!

    A goat with a wooden leg….surly now I've done went and seen it all!

    Have the best day sweetie!!! :o)

  13. SueAnn says:

    A goat with a wooden leg…now that is something. He looks pretty happy with it!!

  14. tattytiara says:

    Wow, looks like they did an excellent job – I always think it's hard enough for them to keep their balance on those rocks with the legs they're born with, and look at him doing just fine on that fancy piece of whittling!

    1. I know! Isn't that amazing? I can't figure out how it's attached. No straps or anything!

  15. joannmannix says:

    I have nothing goat, but hurray for the goat community and their practice of non discrimination towards goats with disabilities. What an inspiration to handicapped goats everywhere!

    1. I didn't think of it like that. What a whole new path of ideas this opens up. I can just see the new parking signs already…

  16. Surfie says:

    I've never even seen a person with a wooden leg (aside from TV and cartoons of course), much less a goat! That's certainly one for the books.

    I've yet to have any luck winning the lottery. It must be because I don't have any goats to give it to.

    1. Well if that's all it takes, I'm running out to get a goat right now.

  17. Pricilla says:

    I am going to have to talk to the publicist. I think I would get many more apples if she won the lottery.
    Why does she not win the lottery?
    What is wrong with her?
    I want more apples!

    But I don't want a wooden leg. Not to wear anyway. It might be good to munch.

    1. You eat wood too? Lord, what DON'T you eat? Be careful – don't eat any lottery tickets. You might accidentally find a winning one that someone dropped!

  18. Well, let's face it: anyone who has a goat — much less goatS — has already won the lottery.

    I'm workin' on that Christmassy goat thing for ya, Margaret. Hang tight.

    1. I'm hangin'! Can't wait to see this Christmassy goat thing of yours!