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Goat Thing of the Day: Chewie in Panties

I don’t even want to know who’s going to end up here because of an icky Google search, but anyway…

Here’s Chewie. In Panties.

chewie the goat

OK, they aren’t exactly panties from the store or anything. Poor Chewie was attacked and bitten by his owner’s dogs so he was taken to a local animal shelter (SAINTS) where he had surgery.  The shelter volunteers bathed him and redressed his wound.

chewie bathing at SAINTS shelterChewie gets a bath

According to Miz Dinah Gogina, who recently volunteered at SAINTS with her daughter, took these pictures and forwarded them to NGIP. She says Chewie was a sweet little goat, and after his bath he pranced back to his pen in those little mesh panties.

chewie after bath

SAINTS, Senior Animals In Need Today Society, is in Mission, BC, Canada. Most of the animals have behavioral or physical issues and take up permanent residence, but they will adopt some of them out to the right home. They also give them a peaceful place to die when it’s time and have a garden with a wind chime for every animal that passes.

If any of you wish to take the time (no registration required) to vote for SAINTS to win a grant from the Petfinder Animal Rescue Site’s shelter challenge, you can go to The Animal Rescue Site’s Voting Page. Be sure and enter the following information in the search form:

  • Shelter Name:  S.A.I.N.T.S.     (with all the periods)
  • Country: Canada
  • Province: BC

When it finds the SAINTS shelter, just click the VOTE button.

You can vote until August 22, 2010.

Got something goaty for Goat Thing of the Day? Here are the submission guidelines.

We are also taking submissions for the 2011 NGIP Goat Calendar.

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  1. Poor little Chewie got a booboo. What a really nice place S.A.I.N.T.S. is!! I voted for them on the rescue site, thank you for the link, I have it on my sidebar on my blog.

  2. Back from holidays and finally had a chance to come by! Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of your Goat Thing of the Day, Margaret. I'm sure Chewie and the shelter thank you for your kind words too. When he is healed he will be adopted out to a loving home. Incidentally, the lady whose dogs bit him inherited the goat when he was abandoned by his owner. She felt terrible about the attack, of course, and brought him to an animal hospital, who in turn contacted SAINTS for temporary home in which to convalesce.

    Thank you to all of NGIP readers for your votes!

    1. That's good to know about what should happen to Chewie. I know some people were asking about that. And good luck to SAINTS!

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Nanny Goats, Tribal Blogs. Tribal Blogs said: RT @nannygoats Goats: SAINTS Animal Sanctuary – Chewie the Goat | Nanny Goats in Panties […]

  4. Aw, what a cutie patootie! What a great place this SAINTS place is, I love the windchime idea.

    1. I like the windchime idea too. Sort of adds some dignity and caring to the event.

  5. OldInjun says:

    Saintly Blog subject & Saintly Shelter, as 99.99% are. Would that the critters in distress due to NON-hunters & MOST farmers didn't come in such sickening numbers. THEY understand, as do those of us living in the deeper woods & rural locals. One of the very WORST things they do is FEED the animals without knowledge. Many can't switch diets rapidly & can sicken & die, others become pests and must be killed due to inability to move them. Here we even have to keep small pets indoor at night (days too here) to protect them from owls, coyotes, bears, wolves, etc. Daytime brings occasional vehicles & hawks, eagles, etc by our place.

    1. It's unfortunate to think that humans manipulate nature like that, essentially chewing up and spitting innocent animals out. I imagine many of the farmers see them as a resource with no feelings, capacity for pain, etc.

  6. Pricilla says:

    You didn't tell me there was going to be a test to vote.
    I can't think before my coffee.
    How do I know a frog from a cat?

    I voted.
    Poor Chewie!

    1. Ha! I forgot about the test. I had a pig. I was wondering what if you get an animal you can't recognize – like a Liberian Houndmonkey.

  7. SueAnn says:

    Poor little goat! Attacked by dogs!! Ack!! Glad they could repair and give him a good home.

  8. Linda R. says:

    I hope he gets a nicer home, too. I voted!

  9. Jayne says:

    I thought you were talking about Chelsea Handler's sidekick, Chewy, and I really didn't want to see him in panties. Imagine my relief…

    What a wonderful organization. I'll vote!

    1. Goodness, I didn't even think of that, perhaps I should have sent out a waiver to assuage any fears there.

  10. Caden says:

    Poor little guy! Is he “rescued” now, or will he get sent back to that neglectful home?

    1. I don't know. I'd like to think that he won't go back, but will be adopted out to a kinder, gentler home.

  11. DrowseyMonkey says:

    Aww poor fella. That sounds like a fantasitc organization.

  12. Thanks for sharing! I voted!

  13. ReformingGeek says:

    Youchie! Poor Chewie got chewed.

    1. Now why didn't I think of that? 🙂

  14. Scrapendipity says:

    Awww. Poor Chewie.

  15. Poor baby! He does look cute in those mesh briefs though. I'll vote too!

  16. Jenny says:

    I'm gonna go vote but first let me say, I have drawn a bead on some local goats and will have some pics for you soon. My friend Mary and her husband Gary raise them, and I just found out about it quite by accident! They're not the fainting variety (the goats, I mean) which is too bad because I love those, but they are goats with bona fides which is all that matters. Chewie is wearing those mesh panties with real panache.

    1. Oh, Jenny, I would love to see your goaty pics!

  17. Poor little goat. He has his rightful place on your blog though 🙂 I will vote, even though I'm a Brit.

    1. Thanks, Babs. I voted, even though I'm a Yank.

      1. Ha ha ha! I hadn't realised it was in Canada when I wrote the comment!

      2. That's what happens when you skim over the small detail 🙂

      3. Nicky says:

        What a cutie! I'd leave a longer comment, but I'm off to vote, even though I'm a Canuck 🙂