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Goat Thing of the Day: Goats on the Roof

Ever been to Goats on the Roof in north Georgia?

goats on the roof

And I’m not talking about the goats on the roof over Al Johnson’s restaurant. That’s in Door County, Wisconsin, and I already told you about those.

Kyddrn from Shade and Sweetwater drives by this place all the time and because she’s such a dedicated soldier of Goat Thing of the Day, she busted out her camera for all of us.

I realize that right about now you’re telling me to shut up and just show you the goats on the roof already. Well okay, don’t get your panties in a bundle.

goats on the roof ngip

Here’s a super close-up:

goats on the roof

which oddly reminds me of this duck photo I showed you recently..

crow on roofRemember that?

Anyway, this goat place even has designated parking:

goats on the roof parking sign

I have another friend (so that makes two for those of you out there counting) who is also a member of the GTOTD Army and snapped this shot of his kids with a couple of neighbors.

wa kids with neighbor goats

He has also been known to pull out his camera in stores that sell Drunken Goat cheese:

drunken goat cheese

Being a member of the Goat Thing of the Day Army is easy. More details about submitting goaty photos can be found here.

Submissions are also being taken for the 2011 NGIP Calendar. If you have a really cool goaty photo, submit it to the calendar committee for consideration.

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  1. Ron says:

    I bet that Drunken Goat cheese would taste great with a glass of red wine!

    I can only imagine how DRUNK I would get!!

    Love the “Old Goats Parking” sign!


  2. the 3rd photo is my favorite!

  3. Jb says:

    I need to go dig through some old photos! I'm sure I've got a couple cute ones in there somewhere! It seems I haven't taken any in quite a while (gasp!), but now I am inspired!

  4. Now I've got that “Goats on the Roof” song running through my head. Or am I thinking of “Pants on the Ground”? Either way.

    1. You're welcome. 🙂

  5. Nyuk nyuk @ Old Goats Parking.

    Goats on the Roof makes me think of Pants on the Ground from American Idol.

    Goats on the roof,
    Goats on the roof,
    Lookin' like a fool with your goats on the roof. 🙂

  6. Linda R. says:

    Hmmm, I guess the goats rule the roost there. Love the goat sign, too.

  7. t.j. says:

    That is the kind of place I would plan my vacation around. I mean who wouldn't use their free time to see Goats on the Roof?! Amazing!

  8. Jayne says:

    I love the “Old Goats Parking.”

  9. J. Bear Savo says:

    The parking sign is great. Gotta get one for my father.

  10. I'm heading back to Ohio soon and I'm taking my camera. I'm sure there are a few old goats back home 😉

    Have a great weekend, jj

  11. SueAnn says:

    Well I don't have any good goat pics but I sure do enjoy those that get posted!!

  12. That is amazing, and now I must go there and see it for myself.

    That duck looks like a crow to me.

    1. Linda R. says:

      Yeah, I thought it was a crow, too.

      1. It's not just me then. I even went back to the original post and it says

  13. Jenny says:

    I accept the assignment with alacrity, Margaret. I shall sally forth to the goat hunt at the earliest possible opportunity. Must they be on rooves? Roofs?

  14. Pricilla says:

    What, then, exactly am I if not a GOAT friend?
    I am as goaty a friend as you will ever have.

    1. Ah, yes. Three, then. 🙂 You silly goat.