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Who Loves Dyson? I Do I Do!

And I’m not the only one. Kathy of The Junk Drawer was chattering on Facebook in anticipation of the arrival of her new Dyson and when it arrived, she blogged about it.

I know! How crazy is that? Blogging about your vacuum cleaner. HAHAHAHAHA!!! hahahaha…..ha.

So anyway, I went to Bed Bath and Beyond the other evening, armed and dangerous.

bed bath and beyond, bed bath and beyond couponsStick ’em up!

There are certain stores I could just wander around all day in a stupor. Pretty much any office supply store, The Container Store, and Bed Bath and Beyond.

I don’t know what it is exactly, because in reality, I hate shopping. Or maybe it’s just the waiting in line at the end, when all humanity goes out the window and the woman in front of you doesn’t bust out her checkbook until everything has been bagged and totaled and who writes checks anymore anyway?

But Bed Bath and Beyond has this thing I call the Wall O’ Utensils. Behold:

bed bath beyond, bed bath beyond Utensils

It’s like walking through Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, trying to decide what to eat first. You can never have too many utensils.

Remember when I discovered I had a few redundant kitchen items last year?

meat tenderizers, kitchen utensils, meat pounderfrom the post entitled My Name is Margaret and I’m a Utensilholic

So anyway, as I was traversing the chrome and plastic-filled aisles of domestic nirvana, I came upon this beauty:

Dyson, dyson vacuum, purple dyson

I stopped in my tracks. My palms began to sweat. Yes, it was a Dyson and yes, I already owned a Dyson, but this…..this was a PURPLE Dyson, are you kidding me??? I love purple. Why can’t they come out with the cool stuff FIRST?

You might be thinking, “Don’t even THINK about buying another Dyson! Do you know how expensive those things are? You CAN have too many vacuum cleaners, Missy!”

Granted, you have a somewhat valid point there. Allow me to address each of your concerns.

First of all, yes I do know how expensive these things are and this one in particular, the purple one, was $549.00, which might sound like a lot of money to you, and it is, but you’re talking about a lifetime investment. Would you want to own fifteen vacuum cleaners that were cheaper and didn’t, well, suck (or, suck well) so you kept buying new ones every couple of years as you pined for the perfect cleaning machine? Or would you want to make a one-time up-front investment that in the long run will actually save you money and a lot of heartache because it sucks so well?

Secondly, I agree whole heartedly that you can own too many vacuum cleaners.

Which is why I only have two. This one…

dyson, dyson vacuum, vacuum cleaner

and this one…
dyson, dyson vacuum, vacuum cleaner

And before you get your panties in a bundle, there is a good reason I own two.

Because I’m lazy and live in a two-story condo and one is upstairs and one is downstairs.

OK, that’s not the real reason. Up until last year I lived in two cities (Sacramento and Los Angeles) and I had two of everything. When I moved up to Sacramento full-time and began consolidating and selling and donating, I couldn’t part with either one of them. I loved them both equally. Plus, do you have any idea how expensive those things are?

If you think I’m crazy, you should see Kathy’s love song slash music video that she made over at The Junk Drawer. It is an ode to her new appliance. Her post is called I Heart My Dyson.

And now, a Dyson cheer:

We’re Dyson women…,
And we are proud…,
That’s why we blog…,
So very loud – all riiight!

panties, pink frilly panties, pink bloomers, knickers

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sacramento connect, sacramento connect logo

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  1. Margaret, have you lost your ever loving mind? I have two vacuums because we do the upstairs downstairs thing too, but (and it's a BIG BUTT), I would not spend that kind of money on a vacuum cleaner. I think about the opium that would buy! I think about the escorts I could hire. I think about the kid's teeth. (Okay, the dogs teeth, but you get my point.) I love you to pieces but think you are misguided. Even if it's purple.

  2. Jaime-Ann says:

    I feel the need to brag about my purple ball dyson, for pet owners. I got it in 2009 and I swear to god I used it 2x a day for the first 2 months. It made cleaning up fun! And I began to have this sick obsession to see how much pet hair I could pick up….. I love it! And it is great for chasing my dog around those tight corners!

    Why did I only say I used it 2x a day for the first 2 months? Well, reality set in and I was fearing I was creating a sort of Howard Hugues meets Howie Mandel phobia. =)

    1. OK, your secret's safe with me. If anyone asks, I'll tell them you
      only used it twice a day for the first two months. The truth is nobody
      else's business. 🙂

  3. annetteownerofcoconut says:

    Hey Margaret — I don't like shopping either, and Bed, Bath & Beyond as the same effect on me as it does you. I go into a weird mesmerized stupor in there. I think it is the amount of stuff in there that completely overwhelms my senses. I have to be really disciplined and pay attention to time while in there otherwise I would be lost for hours.

  4. A Free Man says:

    I'm a Dyson man, though that's not something that I typically crow about.

  5. Salt says:

    The purple Dyson is the BEST. I borrowed my dad's when our cheapy vacuum went on the fritz and you would think I never cleaned the carpet at all with the amount of pet hair that came up (we have two ultra furry cats). One day we will have one. Plus that roller ball steering thing? AWESOME.

    Here for SITS Sharefest, but I think I'll stick around! Love your blog!

  6. Congratulations of the Sacramento Connect! Can I have your autograph 🙂

    My 2 vacuum excuse is that I'm too old and too tired to climb stairs carrying a cleaner. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. But….

    I do not have a purple vacuum but I do have a basement so maybe a new one is n my future???


  7. campbelljane says:

    I too feel giddy every time I see that wall of kitchen gagets!

  8. I do not want to be standing in front of The Wall of Utensils during an earthquake. I'll leave it at that. It would be a cool scene in a disaster movie, though.

  9. mommytime says:

    If I were a pink puffy heart person, I would totally pink puffy heart my Dyson. Case in point: we vacuumed with the old vacuum right before we bought the bright yellow god of suck, and then we came home from the store and vacuumed with it, and heck if we didn't get MORE off the CLEAN floor than the other vacuum used to get off the dirty one. We were sold. But I'm not sure I'd buy more than one unless I had more than one house.

  10. I need a Dyson. I've been eyeing one forever but the money situation is saying noooooooooooooo! lol. I have a crappy Eureka. Uhhhh. I'd blog the hell out of that if I had one.

    I love shopping in office supply stores too. Very sad life we lead, lol.

    1. I should interview a psychologist and find out what this obsession with office supply stores and utensil walls means. Of course he'd probably misinterpret it as a psychological session and charge me $500, the jerk.

  11. Pseudo says:

    K. I have no idea what a Dyson is, but I would be happy to have you come and show me cause I hate to vaccum. You'd get a trip to Hawaii out of it…

    1. A trip to Hawaii? Where do I sign???? And do you have a BB&B on Oahu? (You're on Oahu, right?)

  12. Jen says:

    That wall of utensils just got me excited. I've recently discovered I like to cook…

  13. I used to see those Dyson ads on TV and think, that is so random, and expensive….just to advertise a vacuum. Now I see why! Wow, what have I been missing?

    But they are expensive, but obviously worth it. Probably not the best thing to collect though. Enjoy!

  14. Ellen says:

    You make me laugh! Well, while we are confessing….I own 3 vacs, makes sense to me, 3 floors=3 vacs, I am too old to haul anything up 3 floors….smiles.
    And I have left you something today at my place…more smiles

  15. Donna says:

    I absolutely love your blog! Just the name alone made me smile.
    Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!!!!!!

    1. Awm shucks, Donna..Thanks! And may I say you have great taste! 🙂

  16. condo blues says:

    Having so many meat clevers could come in handy during a zombie attack or a robot uprising. It's not a sickness – it's called being prepared.

    I have a mad crush on Bed, Bath, and Beyond too.

    1. Condo – You have an excellent point. Thank you for defending my neurosis.

  17. Katherine says:

    NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY!! So did you get it? How is it!!!

  18. Marg says:

    Good heavens, I am going to have to go buy a Dyson just to keep up with the bloggers. Dyson should be paying you two. Have you thought of that??? Wish I could buy one. I have 8 years of hair and dirt in here and have been through six vacuums, all of which just stop.
    Nothing wrong with having a vacuum on each floor but maybe not in each room
    Have a great day.

  19. buggys says:

    That's it, you and Kathy just keep throwing it in my face! I really want a Dyson. If you want, you could send me one of yours, just saying. I'm now in the process of trying to kill my current vacuum so I can move this Dyson owning along at a faster pace.
    Bed, Bath & Beyond 20% off coupon, yes!

  20. Oh Man! Im so jealous of YOU and KATHY and your DYSON's!!!

  21. Jayne says:

    Holy mother of God, I've never seen so many utensils in my life.

    I would like to have a Dyson, but am going to have to win one somewhere. I've grown accustom to the cat hair on the rug. It gives it a lovely cushion-ey effect. Now were I to get house goats, that might warrant some rethinking.

  22. OK, I can TOTALLY get behind an upstairs vacuum cleaner and a downstairs vacuum cleaner. Especially if one of them is purple. I just make Dave do the basement, since however much our stupid vacuum cleaner cost, it weighs 5 tons.

    (And I, too, go weak as I pass the Wall o' Utensils at B, B & B.)

  23. Nezzy says:

    Being of unsound mind and body when it comes to cleanin' I so understand the vacuum thing. Ya'll know what a cleanin' freak I am. Go girl….get the Dyson. Sometimes a girl just has to treat herself.

    Have a beautiful day!!!

  24. Surfie says:

    Everybody owns a Dyson but me. 🙁 I can see why you wanted that purple one. I'm fascinated by the ball part so you can manuever it around so well. I'm always crashing mine into the furniture trying to get the nooks and crannies.

  25. I don't even own an upright vacuum anymore since we now have hardwood floors throughout the house. I've heard lots of rave reviews about the Dyson though. Oh, and I love purple too.

  26. I have been coveting a Dyson for a long time. I have an Oreck which isn't bad but hardly sucks up any bowling balls. It is much better than the Bissel I had before the Oreck which belonged to my parents. When my father died and my mother moved to the nursing home I snuck in took the Oreck before my brother could get his little mitts on it. We could have fought about so many things, crystal, sterling silver, antiques from the signing of the Declaration of Independence, all kinds of great stuff, but no, we fought about the vacuum cleaner.

    I had two when I was living on two floors as well. It really is nice not to lug them up and down the stairs.

    Off to read Kathy's post.

  27. nipsy says:

    Hahahaha….I want that purple Dyson so bad I can taste it..

    Congrats on the Sac exchange!!

  28. Hey, that IS very cool about the Bee! YAY Margaret!! And I love the fact the Dyson is purple– I just couldn't shell out that kind of money when I have a shop vac, but I've eyed them up with green-eyed envy on the commercials.

    Also, I really appreciate Mr. Dyson's single-minded dedication to vaccuuming. 🙂

  29. Ashley says:

    I heart Dyson! I want one so bad I began to drool at your picture. Purple! sign. Come on tax return momma needs a new vaccuum!

  30. moooooog35 says:

    I like Bed Bath and Beyond.

    I just wish they'd make their coupons bigger.

  31. I've said it before, but not to you, so I'll repeat myself. I have owned two Dysons (not at the same time). The first one I loved, and had it quite a few years. The second one, however, I hated with a vengeance! Within a few months it was broken in several places, and didn't function properly. It ended up on a tip! I then chose an Oreck and haven't looked back. And, by the way, when you buy an Oreck you get a second (shoulder carrying) one free, which is just as powerful.

    1. Drew says:

      Well then maybe we just had a defective Oreck (see comment reply to Rebecca above)…

      1. We could have a, erm…..suck off. You know, to determine which is better, Dyson or Oreck.

        1. Drew says:

          Can I come?!?

          OK, sorry about that. I just couldn't let that one go. 😉

          1. Our Oreck, in fact both of them, work wonderfully. The added benefit is they are so much lighter than others, making it a real breeze to vacuum. Drew, I think you must have had a defective one, and should have returned it.
            A suck off is great idea!

  32. connieweiss says:

    I too love my Dyson and I felt so badly about the way it was treated for the 8 months that Bobbi's dogs lived in my house. It was abused. We're in counseling….

  33. marlaahansen says:

    Congratulations and other adulations to you, dear Margaret!

  34. Sparkle says:

    You humans and your vacuums! MAKE IT STOP!!!!!

    1. Oh that's right, you kitties don't like the loud monsters. Sorry, Sparkle! 🙂

  35. gayle says:

    I have never heard of a Dyson ……….are they really that great? I need a new vacumn!

    1. gayle – Don't take my word for it, but many commenters above seem to agree. I was going to say 700 commenters can't be wrong, but I thought that might be a little over the top. (for my blog, not the Dyson!)

  36. Kate says:

    I love my Dyson(s). The ball Dyson is better than se…..well, it's damn good! Is there anything better than watching all the floor crap being sucked into the Dyson? As for B, B, and B…it gives me a headache, except when I'm shopping for my Keurig coffee maker.

  37. t.j. says:

    Oh how I drool over Dysons! I celebrated last month when my awful vaccume finally blew and I could get a new one. NO Dyson, but I was able to find a dirt devil for under $40.00 that is bag less (I really wanted that feature) and shows me the dirt it sucks up. It is such a satisfying thing to see all that evil dirt sucked up right before my eyes!

  38. CatLadyLarew says:

    Dyson women unite! I can't live without mine. It makes vacuuming the one household chore that I actually enjoy! I can suck up anything with that sucker! But I bow to you, Margaret, having two Dysons! Maybe I should get the one with the purple ball next.

    1. I will covet your purple Dyson ball should that ever come to pass.


  39. I hate shopping, too, but I love the same stores you do and could spend hours roaming around in those three also. I would love to have a Dyson for my hubby to use, but it is way over our budget. We just got a new Bissel at a great price. (posted a photo of the man using it, too:… )

    1. Bill and the Bissel rock, Lorie!

  40. annsrants says:

    Congrats, SYNDIACATRESS!

    BB and BEYOND sends me BEYOND the thunderdome. NOT in a good way.

  41. janieatsoundingforth says:

    And…Bed Bath and Beyond honors those 20% coupons on Dyson!

    1. Janie – I didn't even think to mention that too – I'm so glad you did. I'm certain I got both Dysons at BB&B and used the coupon.

  42. SueAnn says:

    I have wanted a Dyson for years…but I keep looking at that price tag and hesitate…and hesitate…and hesitate!!! One day I will pounce and get me one….one day!! Sense a theme here??
    That is so cool you are on Kindle…I don't own one of those either. Sigh!! I know…it was the price again.

  43. junkdrawer says:

    We are sisters of The Dyson! I would kill to have two, and you're right, why not spend $450 now and have a machine that will last forever? We've spent that much on crappy ones in twenty years of marriage. This one will be a keeper. I wished for dirt today, you know. It would be insane for me to vacuum clean rooms, right? Right?

    Does the Dyson honeymoon ever wear off?

  44. Rebecca says:

    While, I'm not a Dyson woman, I can appreciate a great vacuum as I own an Oreck and am always a little embarrassed when I think about how much it cost me. But I do love it!

    1. I've heard Orecks are awesome. Or maybe I've seen their commercials so much I believe it. You might be the first person to actually say it. I hear they clean the air and everything!

      1. Drew says:

        FWIW, my wife bought an Oreck that didn't suck, literally! Thus that was a wasted $500 or so… Will never buy another.

  45. Pricilla says:

    That is goat for congratulations!

    I don't vacuum. I just pile up more hay.

  46. Drew says:

    I'm also a fan of Bad Breath and Beyond. Oh wait, I said that wrong.

    1. Heyyyy, did yo just make that up? If not, I can't believe I never heard that before. Funny!

      1. Drew says:

        That's what Uncle Lewie called it so no, I can't take credit even though I'd like to. 🙂

  47. warrenamole says:

    Congrats and continuing adulation for your continuing rise into the digital heavens. However, I'd rather have 3 iPads (living room, kitchen, bedroom) than 3 Dysons. Speaking of Dysons, have you run into one of their wonders in a bathroom? Jet-propelled hand dryers – very cool.

  48. Daughter and her fiance are in the midst of buying a house. Fiance's older sister gave them a housewarming gift: $1000 cash! Daughter wanted a Dyson, until she figured out it would take nearly half of the money she had been given.

    My sister has THREE. A two-story house with a finished basement, and each level has one. HOWEVER, she is a manager at Kohl's so she gets a better deal than us common folk.

  49. I see nothing wrong with those in two story houses having duplicates stuff on each floor.


    That said, you know what would be awesome? If your stairs had some sort of lever you could pull that would cause them to tip backwards and dump all the stair gunk into the basement. Because I really don't think sweeping stairs is a very safe activity.