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Goat Thing of the Day: Nom-Nomming

Alert NGIP reader Lorie, from The Shewbridges of Celebration Florida, pointed me to this scene as seen on Cute Overload:

Meanwhile, Jennifer of Goats in the Garden, sent in a couple pictures of one of her goats, Belle, who has either shaved funny this morning…

or she’s just polished off the last of the molasses tub.

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  1. I love that last picture… He looks like he likes that molasses. He is SO cute!!

    Thanks for the shout out Margaret! I wubs you!!

  2. sandy says:

    That first picture is darling! Whispering sweet nothings in her ear. lol


  3. way tooo cute for words!

  4. buggys says:

    Those two at the top are completely adorable.

  5. Cashier says:

    That first picture is so adorable! I love ears!

  6. t.j. says:

    your comments with the photos are just TOO MUCH!

  7. Meesa says:

    Could you pass me some ear, please?

  8. Oh, I do love a tender goat ear. Just to nibble on, mind you.

  9. eRLyN says:

    those are really cute goats. 🙂

  10. Cheri says:

    Yum yums. And how adorable is that first picture? I have a boy chi-weiner dog that noms on my other girl chihuahua's ears. It's hilarious because she growls at him the whole time but doesn't make any huge effort to actually STOP him.

  11. Meesa says:

    So flippin' adorable. I hope I stumble across a goat sometime soon so I can take a picture for you.

  12. JuneZach says:

    Wohoa! Soooooooo cute especially the first photo! Nice! 😀

  13. Just too flipping adorable!

  14. Marg says:

    Oh Yummy molasses. I might just give my goats some for the funny pictures. That is great. Thanks for the smile.

  15. By any chance did they name that goat Mike Tyson 🙂

    Have a great weekend Margaret. Hope all's well.


    1. TeeHeeHee… Mike Tyson!! Hubby thought that was FUNNY!!

  16. pam101360 says:

    Such sweet creatures! Love those faces!


  17. Leeuna says:

    The first two are so precious. I could just eat them up. WAIT!! No! No! I would never do that…

  18. enterthehole says:

    Charles Bronson reincarnated? 😉

    “Cupboard Creatures!

  19. Meheheh…that made me snigger.

  20. bobbinlalaland says:

    Those are too cute!!

  21. SueAnn says:


  22. AnythingFitsANakedMan says:

    Yes, I believe my “cute” is now officially overloaded!! Thanks!

  23. Jayne says:

    I don't know why, but that second one reminds me of Groucho Marks.

  24. Nezzy says:

    Those two are just too darn cute. Caption: MMMmmm, tastes like chicken!

    The adult goatie has a real goatee! Great! Heeeheehe!

    Have a fantastic day, no kiddin' here :o)

    1. Goatie with goatee… HaHaHa!! I fell off my chair on that one! You are funny!

  25. When goats attack. I can see it now on TV the next disaster flick. They will have to find tougher looking goats though – those two are too cute to eat each others ears!

  26. Kiddies are so cute!

  27. Owen says:

    These are too cute by far ! No kidding !

    Just noticed today where you'd posted the photo from the Carnavalet Museum in Paris a couple of posts down… a zillion thank you's for the exposure, I far prefer when other folks give me exposure, as I don't like to expose myself… hmmm, that didn't sound right…

  28. Pricilla says:

    Now, molasses on a kid….nommy