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Goat Thing of the Day: Groovy, Baby

Michele (of MidLifeMama) sometimes hangs out at Drumlin Farm, a working farm that has an educational component. She captured a photo of one of their females that almost looks like she might be smiling. Unless that’s just lip liner.

grinning goat at Drumlin Farm

Aaaaaaaand, Andy Megowan (of Andy Megowan’s Blog), as well as Braja (of Lost and Found in India) showed me the following groovy picture from the I Can Has Cheezburger site.

goat holding up hoofed peace sign
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  1. marlaahansen says:

    If ever I need a good laugh, I always count on finding it right here. Thanks!

  2. AWWW We have pet coats about 15 minutes from downtown atlanta! I am going to score you some cute pics of them! your welcome

    1. Cool! I'd love to see them! Thanks, Jessica.

  3. Dare I say, that's a handsome goat!

  4. Collette says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how many pics of goats are out there.
    I really do think she's smiling! 🙂

  5. RaisedQ says:

    Awww…I'm sure she's smiling! & I'm loving the Peace Goat….V, right back atcha bro!

  6. milkandcuddles says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!! You officially have the most awesome blog name EVER!! lol. Love it! I just became your newest follower, but holy moly girlfriend – you didn't need me! You have 8 bajillion followers! Rock on!!

    Many thanks for visiting me on my SITS day!


  7. mrsblogalot says:

    Oh that peace goat must come home with me!!!!

  8. vodkalogic says:

    Love the eyes… kinda spooky

  9. Leeuna says:

    How cute. Someone should make tee-shirts with the picture of the peace goat.

  10. Pricilla says:

    Goats are all for smiling a peace.
    I should know…

  11. Dale Ottley says:

    The peace lovin' yogi goat rules… classic…goatananda swami, LOL I love it!

  12. Sparky says:

    Groovy man, I can dig it. Peace. [giggle] 🙂

  13. Yep, that is one happy goat.

  14. IDoThings says:

    She's smiling. She knows she's going to appear on that awesome “Nanny Goats” site, whatever that is (because goats don't read or surf the Web, y'know).

  15. pam101360 says:

    Great photo's….I luv your blog!


  16. Jane Gaston says:

    Blogland is just full of wonderful, helpful friends!

  17. Surfie says:

    I think it's a smile AND lip liner. I think she might be putting the moves on your friend, with her coy smile and those bedroom eyes.

    I love the picture from ICHC. 🙂

  18. Braja says:

    That's not any goat, Ms Panties: that's a peace lovin' yogi goat. Really. Goatananda Swami