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Goat Thing of the Day: Curious Starers

A fellow blogger, Beth (from What I Should Have Said) and her hubby went for a Sunday drive. They found a dilapidated house and in the field next to it were these curious things. Goat things.

What is it about goats that seem so ready and willing for their close-up?

Thanks, Beth!

And for an additional Goaty Thingy treat, Travis pointed me to a Craigslist ad about a goat, which I shall totally lift and put here (since my many many thousands and thousands of NGIP Kindle subscribers cannot simply click over to it, unless, of course, they have the Kindle Supra Turbo Cobra 9000).

And I quote:

Good and Evil. Two Pygmy Goats

Date: 2009-03-29, 1:38PM EDT

This is the story of two goats. One is as black as midnight, thus his very creative name, Midnight. His coat may be black, but his heart is golden and he is like a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day. He’s content to sit in the grass and nibble away at the weeds and just be an all around good guy. He likes freshly cut grass, all weeds, vines, corn and sweet feed. He hasn’t been with us for very long, but he’s been a joy to have here.

Then there’s Mr. Marbles. He’s a much larger goat who will head-butt a fence post, a shed, a car, a lawnmower, a cat or anything else that looks too perfect. He likes things to be dented, knocked over or destroyed. He will eat anything. I mean anything. He will try to eat your clothes off your body and has tried to steal cigarettes out of the hands of visitors. He’s very good at hopping fences or bashing them down. If there is a car he can get to, he will climb on the hood and leave a million little hoof dents in it. He’ll pull the windshield wipers off for you, pull the trim pieces off, eat them and then use his head to bash out all the marker lights. He can even open the doors if left alone to ponder it long enough. He likes freshly cut grass, all weeds, vines, corn, sweet feed, ornamental shrubs, all expensive plants and trees, Fritos, siding, insulation, plastic, metal, cloth, and most composite materials. He also seems to be addicted to nicotine.

These two wethers are attached to each other, so you can’t have good without evil. Midnight screams his head off when he can’t see Mr. Marbles. We need a home for them where they can be kept together and FAR away from any houses, sheds, vehicles, or cigarettes. We’d like to find a friendly, responsible goat farm for them. Although we’ve threatened to barbecue Mr. Marbles many, many, many, many times, we do prefer that neither of them be used for food. We will give them free to a good home. Please email if interested. WE WILL NOT SEPARATE THEM, so please understand that you cannot have the good without the evil. This is a package deal. We will not be held responsible for the damage Mr. Marbles is going to do to your property. Once again, these goats are FREE to a good home. All we ask is that you return our lawnmower key if Mr. Marbles happens to eventually poop it out. Thank you.

UPDATE: Mr. Marbles has now learned how to turn on the water faucet. He thinks it’s so cool that he does it constantly, all day long. Sometimes throughout the night. I know there has to be someone out there who would appreciate this unique skill. Not every goat knows how to drain a well.

frilly pink panties

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that Nanny Goats in Panties was recently interviewed by Rootietoot from Because It Really Is Personal, wherein I’m asked, once again, how this blog got its name, among other curious questions.

And another thing….
NGIP is giving away 15 copies of Marrying George Clooney by Amy Ferris. Just guess how much money is in a jar. If you are one of the 15th closest guesses (over or under), you get a book, personally signed the by the author! See the details of book giveaway here. The contest ends this Wednesday, December 9th.

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  1. absolutely hilarious {and yet still loving} craigs list ad! i'm loving your blog, thanks for coming by mine!

  2. Toniwoni says:

    The advert for goats is a classic – it sounds like an email joke lol Brilliant!

  3. Tammy H. says:

    Thanks for sharing the craigslist post, glad that we have evidently much more well behaved goats.

  4. Tammy H. says:

    Margaret, thanks for sharing the Craigslist post. Having goats, this was a hoot, thankfully, ours are that bad at all. Thankfully.

  5. tattytiara says:

    Oh dear god that made me laugh. You have to admire the candor of statements like “We will not be held responsible for the damage Mr. Marbles is going to do to your property.”, and words can not even begin to describe how much in love I am with the name Mr. Marbles.

  6. Jason says:

    This is a great blog you have here. I have a blog myself which provides inspiration and guidance to people all around the world. I'd like to exchange links with you so we can spread some traffic around. We both deserve it.


  7. Nooter says:

    reply to goat ad:
    hmmm, i just know my ex would love those goats. please drive them to their new home and let them inside, preferably during the workday so as not to inconvenience the ex. there should be enough cigarettes, clothing, loose change, etc. to keep them occupied for some time.


  8. Mad Woman says:

    I should send you pictures of the verge goats we have here in town…they're fantastic! Now I'm off to read your interview.

  9. Ahhh yes, “the good with the evil”. Isn't that the way it always is ?!?


  10. winey_mommy says:

    The Craigslist ad is beyond hilarious! Almost makes me want to adopt those two….

  11. There are 2010 coins in the jar! Whoo-hoot!

    And I'd take that goat if he agrees to entertain my 3-year old long enough for me to comment on a blog!

  12. Beth says:

    I was at a festival with my husband yesterday (he was working a booth selling greens and vegetable soup) when I saw a sign about Fainting Goats. I got so excited and I ran to the car to get my camera. When I got to the booth, I realized the only fainting goats on the premises had fainted one last time and were now barbeque.

    So sad.

    Glad you enjoyed the pictures! And thanks for the shout out.

  13. Da Bean says:

    Travis!! That is “Da Boy”!!!

  14. Stina says:

    great pictures. goats are fun to look at. they are not fun when they live next door. i think my neighbor sold his goats because i haven't seen or smelled them. the “maa-ing” has also ceased. he has large property, so maybe they are further away from my home, eating grass in a field. great ad. maybe my neighbor would be interested in them. i am going to enter your book giveaway. i don't like to read much, but a book about George Clooney can't be bad.

  15. Jane Gaston says:

    Love that you're not willing to separate Midnight and Mr. Marbles and I hope you find them a great goat farm home. I wound up with two kittens instead of one at my vet's office because he refused to separate them due to their having bonded so closely in his care after they were separately dropped off on his door step. Love that man.

  16. lifewithkaishon says:

    I love those pictures of goats : ) And I love your creativity with the story! Very cool! Your contest sounds so fun! : ) The book sounds great!

  17. Pseudo says:

    I've got a goat story for you ; -) When we went to the ranch where we got our border collie, it was a goat ranch. They had pygmie goats and nubian goats. Hundreds. Our BC's mom and dad are real herders.

    So. I have my son who was 14 at the time and two of his friends with me. The goat ranching lady asks them if they want to pet the goats. While they are petting them they ask what she does with them.

    “We sell the pygmie goats as pets. The nubians are for slaughter and people buy them for BBQ's”

    I thought the boys were going to try and get me to take home and rescue a bunch of goats.

  18. Jason says:

    I like your site, it's very funny. I have a humor blog as well and I'd like to exchange links with you. We need to spread some traffic around.


  19. hello ngip its dennis the vizsla dog hay to eksplayn abowt my satterday matinay the reezon the spelling and punkchooayshun and capitalizayshun and grammer and wotnot luks funny on satterdays is becuz my dispatches ar reritten by the sekretery of the arkeolodjy department and she insists on socalld kleening them up!!! oh wel i gess it givs her sumthing to do ha ha ok bye

  20. Owen says:

    I think it is becoming abundantly clear… Goats are taking over the world ! And you are their chosen leader… Hmmm, and if you keep this up you may also soon be nominated as the 2009 Guerilla Marketing Specialist for Kindle, I hadn't heard about the Turbo model yet… but that is why I read blogs, to complete my education ! Oh, and I think there must be about 22 dollars and 50 cents in that jar…

    1. I know, I really should be disclaiming all over the place that they are not
      paying me to endorse the crap out of them. Even if half of it is lies.

  21. MommyTime says:

    Seriously that goat ad is one of the funniest things I've ever read on Craigslist. Thanks so much for the excellent laugh for today!

  22. Dale Ottley says:

    I've been in a $$ seminar all day so my eyes are crossed right now. I'll have to come back and read this either later tonight or tomorrow. In the meantime congrats on the Rootietoot interview. More publicity, more publicity…

  23. ann says:

    LMAO … holy crapola… whoever wrote that goat post on craig's list is to be commended and also you of course for bringing it to your loyal goaty fans….

  24. John J Savo says:

    I'm sorry, but sometimes goats just freak me out…

  25. Draining the well…..hum…. I'm thinking goat stew.

  26. Surfie says:

    What an awesome Craigslist listing! I'd love to be able to meet those two goats.