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You’re Twittering Me from WHERE?

So this morning I see Lori (aka ‘nelsoneroni’) from Parking Lot Mamas on Twitter (a web tool that allows you to instantly send messages – tweets – to your social network) and she tells us she is in the dentist chair waiting for her novocaine.

We’ve come a long way from hunting and gathering dinosaurs when we can talk to 147 people (or however many “followers” we have on Twitter) on our phone while we sit in a chair in anticipation of getting stabbed with numbing needles.

Of course, being the smart ass that I am, I couldn’t resist responding:

twitter dentist

I mean, can you imagine? You’re legs are hoisted high in stirrups with the gynecologist in you up to his elbows and all you’ve got is a couple of paper sheets covering everything but your hoo-ha, and your phone.

@crazyperson: Thank GAWD Dr. has small hands. Cold, but small.

@crazyperson: Dr. is hawt. Am wondering if I shaved enough.

@crazyperson: Handsome, small-handed Dr. wants to know if I have any kids. RU kidding? Can’t you tell? You’re right there!

…and so on.

But anyway, that’s not why I called this meeting. If you had read the agenda, you would have known that Item 1 on the agenda is “Crickets”. Because that’s what I got for my OB-GYN comment from the Parking Lot Mama.

So now I’m worried that I completely offended her. I mean if you read my comment without any humor, it could come across as very snide, or as a put down. I mean, who am I to get all snarky on a woman who, as far as I know, is nervous as hell because she’s about to have her gums sliced open, or her teeth drilled or whatever. She could be very vulnerable and I go in there and poke at her and jibe, when she’s just looking for tea and sympathy. Oh my God, that’s it, isn’t it? I’m a bad person.

That’s the problem with written communication: people read something the wrong way and that’s it. You are unfollowed: With this iPhone, from the gates of Hell (aka the dentist chair), I unfollow you. You suck. Don’t you ever twitter a message to me, @crazyperson, again.

So do I make it up to her and go and comment on her last 3 month’s posts? Is she really that upset with me? Did my tweet really go over like a lead balloon?

Or was it the gas in the dentist chair that rendered her unable to say anything. Or SEE anything! Maybe she didn’t see my snide remark! Maybe she’ll never see it. Maybe I totally got away with it and she’s still following me and all is well.

Oh, but what if she comes here and sees what I wrote? Oh no! Now I’m a bad person again – GAHHHH!!!!! I can’t win. Well, I mean, really, what are the odds that she’ll even see this post? HA HA! I bet she can’t even read! Oops! Who said that?

Well, I appreciate your attendance at this meeting. Any questions? ….  I said, Any questions?

Could you stop surfing on your phones for one second and tell me if you have any questions?

{SIGH} Meeting is adjourned.

* * *

Goat Link of The Day

This photo speaks for itself. Thanks to Heather from the Fergie Sims Family blog for showing me this pair of cuties!

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