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Nanny Goats Falls in with Blog Cult. Is It Too Late to Save Her?

Yesterday I got all woe-is-me about the travesty of unripe tomatoes. So Blue Ridge Gal decided to rub my nose in it. (Braggart!)


Jane from ByJane wrote about our outing to Stone Grill in Sacramento over the weekend during the Second Saturday Art Walk. Go read Jane’s meaty review and tell her if you’d try the place.


So I just recently joined this cult called The Secret is in the Sauce. No – the sauce isn’t Kool-Aid. All I had to do is give up all my worldly possessions and follow the leopard skin rug. (“Follow the leopard skin rug, follow follow follow follow follow the leopard skin rug.”)

All you have to do is love your fellow SITStas and comment like mad, man. The groovy thing is, all the other members then come over to your blog and lay hands on your comments section. It’s a veritable LOVE-IN, man. It’s a whole support system, dude. It’s a beautiful thing, baby. Can you dig?

And today? Today is a SITS blogathon where LOVE is flying around everywhere.

The other coolbaby thing about SITS is they are the Let’s Make a Deal of blogs, giving out armfuls of fabulous prizes. Go check it out.


There are some really cool blogs to be found on SITS, too. They feature a new one just about every day. I’ve already discovered some fun blogs to read, including one who writes about goats. Well, okay, it’s about sacrificing goats, so I’d call that post more educational than “fun”.

Some others SITS-related blogs I’ve found:

Life Just Keeps Getting Wierder – my cohort in comedy. I’m meeting her in person for the first time for lunch in a couple of weeks, so if you suddenly stop hearing from me, you may find the ransom note for me posted on her site.
Happy Meals And Happy Hour – another partner in criminal comedy.
Trailing Spouse in Kathmandu – this is the woman I was telling you about earlier. The one with the sacrificial goats. She lives in India, but I’m not really sure where…maybe you could ask her.
Shiner Circus – a wacko who thought having a baby every two years was a good idea.
In The Treetop – I have no idea who this person is, but she fell asleep next to me at last night’s Sauce Fest and I woke up with a need to link to a 5th person.

So, come on in, take off your shoes. You don’t need this wallet. The leopard goddess loves you. And have some Kool-Aid, er, Cool Sauce, baby. Tiffany and Heather will welcome you with open arms. Can’t you feel the love already? Yeahhhhhh.

* * *

If you have two extra seconds could you do me a solid and vote for Nanny Goats in Panties for the 2008 Humor Blogger of the Year? No registration required. Just click HERE, then select Nanny Goats In Panties and click the VOTE button!

(UPDATE: I’m currently tied with Crotchety Old Man for First Place! Thanks for the votes, you guys rock!!!)

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  1. Brenda Jean says:

    Wow, you linked to me– that’s just cool. I’m glad we fell asleep next to each other. That blogfest was exausting and I’m still recovering from the dang thing. I see you are a saucy blogger now- awesome. Well, off to read more of your posts. Sarcasm is my friend, so I know I will enjoy them. I can tell.

  2. Hilarious blog title! I’ve recently joined the cult too…haha. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by the other day during the blog-a-thon. I love finding new blogs. I’m sure I’ll be back to visit!

  3. Jenn says:

    I feel so honored to have you come by and comment on my little blog! =) Thanks so much – I really appreciate it!!!
    YOU rock!

  4. Brooke says:

    You a funny, funny girl! I just hitched up to the SITS train and of course your blog title caught my attention. How could it not? Anyway, your profile alone cause many a belly laugh! Can’t wait to peruse the rest of your blog!

  5. Felicia Eis says:

    What a funny post! Hope you had a lovely SITSA day!!!!

  6. Priscilla says:

    I voted for you 😀
    I just found the sauce too!!

  7. LOLOL I’m rolling around laughing

  8. Deborah says:

    Highly entertaining. I’ll be back for sure! Looks like finding SITS is going to give me lots of reading to fill up my days!

  9. zenmom says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for turning me on to SITS! Thanks to your blog-a-thon post yesterday, I went to check it out. I’ve found so many GREAT blogs to check out! Some of them are almost as funny as you. 😉

  10. Charlie says:

    Yeah for SITShood!! It is so fun to visit so many new blog and meet so many new friends!! You are a hoot!!

  11. Tami says:

    I vote that your SITS post is the funniest!!
    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  12. I’m loving the title and content of your blog! It’s awesome!

  13. Tracey says:

    Thanks for the SITS welcome. I love your blog (I voted for you ) you certainly have a way with words

  14. Amber@MMM says:

    Oh my, oh my, oh my! Another blog title (not to mention your post) that has me desperately trying to hold in the giggles! (I’d hate to wake My Man next door and get a lecture on going to bed!) Such a clever title and funny post!
    Thanks for stopping over today!

  15. Becky says:

    Yep born and raised. Can’t seem to leave it although I did try for about 3 years. Still ended up back here.

  16. Melanie says:

    Just perusing the SITS blog-a-thon list, and HAD to visit just based on the name of your blog. I’m glad I did!

  17. I found your blog tonight thru Barefoot Foodie, and I have really enjoyed poking around. Looking forward to checking back on you.

  18. Amber says:

    You are hillarious! Your blog title kills me!
    P.S. I voted for you for Favorite Humor Blogger!

  19. Hey Miss Nanny Goat! I love your blog!! I’ll definitely check back! Happy blog-a-thon!

  20. Carrie says:

    Helloooo! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I can’t wait to read more of yours!

  21. Mama Bee says:

    Um, I haven’t even finished reading your most recent post (Super ADD, right?) but you are so fucking hysterical that I felt the need to comment post haste. Oh yeah. I said it. Post haste, yo.

  22. Stacie says:

    Good Lord you are hysterical! I am still cracking up over the post, “How to Win a Pissing Contest”.
    Glad you found me on SITS!

  23. Becky says:

    By the way, always enjoy finding other people from Sac in the blog world!!!!!

  24. Becky says:

    What a great blog and I so love the title!!!!! Thanks for stopping by and showin some comment lovin. I’ll definitely be back for more!!!!

  25. I think milk just came out of my nose.
    And, maybe. Just maybe, I might have peed a little.
    I’m just sayin’

  26. Fifi Flowers says:

    You’re a HOOT and a half! FUN FUN FUN!

  27. Nikkicrumpet says:

    Crap…I’m usually more on the ball than this….how did I miss your funny blog. I can’t believe nobody clued me in!!! I love the title…and your SITS intro was a hoot! Nothing I like more than funny blogs. So I’ll be stalking you constantly I’m sure!

  28. Lindsay says:

    OK, you have to have one of the best blog titles EVER! I love your goat banner. I tell my husband all the time I’d like to rent one to weed whack our backyard. Too bad we’re in city limits.
    Thanks for visiting! Happy SITS day!

  29. Maki says:

    Oh man, thanks so much for stopping by!! You are fast like a light!!
    And funny!!!!
    Yay yay!!!!

  30. Brooke says:

    Thanks for stopping by! yes, the Ashley’s/Ashlee’s in my life are a little insane! ha ha. I love them all! Happy day!

  31. Here’s some more bloggy love! Happy SITS blog-a-thon day!

  32. Mamasphere says:

    If SITS is a cult, my grandmother would be so proud! She’s in a for real cult up in Washington.
    It’s almost over, but happy SITS blogathon to one of my favorite kick ass bloggers.

  33. Dana says:

    Thanks for the SITS love today! It allowed me to find my way over to you and your hilarious blog. I will be back! LOVE the goat picture up top! TOO FUNNY!

  34. Jen says:

    ZOMG – your blog is a HOOT!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! Happy SITS Blogathon day – I’m so glad that I found your blog thru the SITS girls!!!

  35. Becky says:

    Hope you had a Happy Blogathon Day!

  36. What a hoot you are! Happy SITS Blogathon Day!
    I voted for you also – good luck!

  37. Tamara says:

    OMG I love your name! Too funny!!
    Happy Blog-a-thon to you!!!

  38. Stephanie says:

    I totally voted for you because you are so funny! (And you are in the lead now! woo hoo!!)

  39. Amy says:

    Happy SITS day blogathon to ya! Love the name of your blog, really catches the eye 😀

  40. Rebecca C says:

    Just stopping by to say Happy SITS day and I also voted for you!

  41. SuZ says:

    Happy Blogathon Day!! Love your title.

  42. Yaya says:

    Hey Hey Hey!
    Happy Blogging! 🙂

  43. Preston says:

    So you join sits and forget about all the other blogs you loved so much prior to being coerced by an evil blog cult. Sniff. Sob. And to think that I regularly vote for you for Humor Blogger of the year. I may just have to check out SITS for myself. But I refuse to shave my head or wear a toga!

  44. Dddiva says:

    I made some more time and can’t stop laughing- added you to my blog list so I can get my workout (giggling is a great belly buster) in. 🙂

  45. Jenn says:

    I am so feeling the love today. To think, when I started this morning I accidently deleted my blog and now I have a stalker with a blog named “Nanny Goats in Panties”. I am so excited, and have a slight chance of peeing my pants while I read. 😛

  46. Thanks for the visit, love your blog name, and your blog is hysterical! I will be back! Happy Blog-a-thon!

  47. Katie says:

    WOO! Happy SITS blogathon!
    I’m enjoying your blog! 🙂

  48. Jen says:

    Um, I had to tell you that Rufie, my cat, his real name is RUFUS. hahahaha How funny! We have always called him Rufie though. Everyone says, you named your cat after a date rape drug?! NO! He thinks he is a dog & his name is Rufus, it got shortened! LOL! Its hilarious.

  49. Michelle says:

    Happy blog-a-thonging!
    Oops, did I just slip a non-descript letter in there? Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t! 🙂

  50. VE says:

    I SITS a lot…but that’s probably not what you meant…

  51. Emily says:

    Sending some love your way…my first day in the Cult! 🙂

  52. WishTrish says:

    You are seriously funny. I found you through the SITStahood! *Schwarzenegger voice* I’ll be back.

  53. Melodie says:

    Funny post! Happy Blogathon, SITSta!

  54. Marrdy says:

    Happy SITS Day! Do so love the goats.

  55. Kelsey says:

    Love the goats, your blog is too funny!!
    Can’t wait to read more!!

  56. Jen says:

    You are cracking me up. Thanks to SITS, I am going to have to read your blog more! heh! I can’t wait.

  57. Meridith says:

    New to SITS and LOVE’N IT!!!
    Happy Blog-A-Thon!!

  58. MammaDucky says:

    I wish I had know I needed to wear some depends before venturing over here. Glad I joined the cult too and found you. P.S. Don’t eat the pudding!

  59. Tara says:

    Happy Blogathon Day!! You’ve been listed all over the place today so I had to come see- you had me at Nanny Goat!

  60. Heather says:

    You are hysterical. I’ve been seeing people mention your blog all over the blogathon and wanted to come check it out. I’ll be back, baby. Oh yes I will.

  61. Stephanie says:

    Happy ‘thoning from a fellow blog sitsah!

  62. Jenn Thorson says:

    Why am I getting images of these nanny goats driving a VW Microbus with leopard skin rugs? 🙂

  63. gingela5 says:

    YAY FOR SITS! I didn’t realize you were part of the cult! haha Have a great blogathon day!

  64. Aubrey says:

    Thanks for the shout out and the visit. I wish my blog name wasn’t so dorky and entirely uncreative, but my mom likes it and I bow to her.
    You, yourself are funny, my friend. I love that you’re stealing tomatos from the gutter across the street. We have people growing things in the gutter too. And pumpkins in their flower beds.

  65. Anna Lefler says:

    And I forgot to say that your post is – as always – HILARIOUS.
    :^) A.

  66. Hollie says:

    I am adding you to my list. and by that, I mean I am now a stalker….

  67. Denyse says:

    Oh. my. this is soooo funny. I’ll be back for sure!

  68. T says:

    oh great – NOW you tell me that I’m part of a secret combination CULT!
    happy blogathon!

  69. Jan says:

    Don’t worry – the deprogrammers are on their way and you’ll be safe and sound in a motel room with really bright lights very, very soon.
    I’ve been resisting the lure of SITS – I spend FAR too much time with all this blogging stuff as it is – but I know I won’t be able to much longer.
    Make some room in that motel room for me.

  70. Dddiva says:

    LOL you are hysterical, great post.
    Glad I found your blog- I’ll be back when I have some more time.

  71. Ronnica says:

    You crack me up. I didn’t add you to my reader yesterday when I popped over, but I won’t be making that mistake twice!

  72. I am not doing a SITS post today as I am celebrating my 100th post. Please stop by and enter my giveaway.

  73. Aubrey says:

    I can dig it.
    I can’t stop laughing! You are something else.
    And another SITSta coming thru…

  74. Heather says:

    This is my first time visiting, and I’m loooving your blog! I gave HappyHourSue a shout-out in my blogathon post as well – she, her guard poodle and the bathtub gangsta are always good for a laugh!
    One thing, though: I grew up on a farm, and I must tell you, goats are evil. Seriously. I even blogged about it once:
    Anyhow, cheers and happy Blogathon day!

  75. Thanks for the Link-Love, My HB comrade… rock!

  76. Em says:

    Damn it! Don’t you know they’re just letting you in to keep the leopard print fed.
    Em – a fellow Sista

  77. Shannon says:

    Hello from a fellow SITStah!
    Happy blog-a-thon day! WOO HOO!

  78. Hula says:

    You’re funny!

  79. Ken Geraths says:

    Sounds like its an all woman thing I don’t think this NGIP fan would fit in!

  80. Laurel says:

    You love me? Thanks:). I heart your blog too. You, my friend,are hilarious.

  81. michelle says:

    Oh my goodness, you are hysterical. I was hooked the minute I read the name of your post.
    I’ll be back for more!

  82. Anna Lefler says:

    Oh, I SO recruited you into the leopard-skin-upholstered van! Whee! You’re gonna love it!!!
    Welcome aboard!
    (You have gas money, right?)

  83. Christie says:

    OK, I already love your blog – You’re hilarious!
    Have fun today!

  84. Gayla says:

    Love your blog, them goats is cute!

  85. OK, the title of your blog has me snort laughing! LOVE it!
    Happy Blogathon Day to ya!!! SITS ROCKS!

  86. SITS Girls says:

    You are HYSTERICAL.
    This is such a great post. We are laughing so hard right now.
    Thanks for playing and good luck in tomorrow’s giveaways!