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Telemarketers: They’re Back with a Vengeance

Have you ever answered the phone, gotten no response, or heard a beep, but nobody talks to you and you wonder what insidious thing some alien or spy is doing to you and you hang up in anger because someone made you get up off you ass to answer the phone for nothing?

Let’s get to the bottom of this, shall we?

Today, I notice my phone ring and it’s a phone number that has been popping up on my Caller ID frequently. So I decide to type the following into Google: area code 801-623-4621.

And to make a long story short, it is a survey company called Western Wats located in Utah. They do customer research on contract for many companies, notably for Kaiser medical, Time Warner Cable, and various banks. Western Wats is not required to respect the National Do-Not-Call List, because they are conducting legitimate customer research surveys on behalf of their contractees.

Supposedly (SUPPOSEDLY), you can opt out specifically with WW and their internal Do Not Call list — according to their website — by either emailing them or calling them:

Phone: 801-373-7735

Here’s the thing: They would make the post-telemarketer-saturated world a much happier place if they identified themselves on your phone as “Consumer Survey”, so that you could answer the phone knowing what you’re going to get and making that choice. Instead we answer the phone (actually, I don’t answer the phone for unfamiliar phone numbers, but maybe you do) because it could be somebody important and wind up feeling manipulated, so our hackles raise and we take it out on some college student who is merely trying to make a living who, in turn, becomes rude and aggressive because they are paid not to care about the fact that you are eating dinner or that it is 9:45pm.

But enough about me, here is a list of 20 suggestions for responding to telemarketers.

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