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No Respect for the Elderly

So I see this old lady on the bus today. Excuse me – Youth Challenged. I’m talkin’ O-o-ooold. You know one of those dried apple faces, no teeth that I ever saw. I’m not being mean, I’m just trying to set the scene so you see what I saw.

Anyway, she whips out her cell phone. Well – she didn’t whip it out so much as she performed a long slow pull of it from her handbag. (Old ladies don’t have purses, they have handbags) But this got me to thinking what an odd thing to see an old lady using a cell phone. And what was so odd about it? All kinds of things.

First of all, you don’t expect someone who moves like a glacier to be using such a device. Secondly, most old people don’t take to new technology, so if she’s using a cell phone, it should be some big old honkin’ thing like the first ones they used to use in cars, not one of those hip small jobbies. Who does she think she is?

I will say one thing though. The whole time I watched her, she just flipped it open and closed it and pushed buttons and put it to her ear, but never actually spoke on the thing. So maybe my old people/new stuff theory still stands and it wasn’t even her phone. She probably mugged some Wall Street type off of Wilshire Blvd, took his money and lunch and got sorta stuck with the phone and was just playing with it.

Yeah, she probably had no idea what she was doing with that thing.

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